Rick and Morty: Rick’s age is confirmed

Rick’s age in Rick and Morty had been kept a secret, until now, because we finally have a real and official figure.

Throughout five seasons we have seen Rick and Morty go through countless adventures that get crazier and, in many cases, more chaotic. But if we have never seen something is the celebration of a birthday, at least of the main characters of the series (in the train of the stories we can see one), but as with The Simpsons, it seems that birthdays are sporadic and somewhat taboo, but that is much more present in Rick and Morty.

This has an explanation, of course, because showrunner Scott Marder confirmed that really, that’s what happens. Birthdays are avoided to prevent the characters from aging and thus losing the feeling that makes the series great.

But that is precisely why people wonder how old Rick is, because if he will be forever trapped at that age, it is important to know how old he is.

Rick and Morty, the eternal companions

We know that the concept of time travel within Rick and Morty is also something taboo, but contrary to what happens with birthdays, we have seen the main characters travel through time, but never celebrating a birthday.

Despite not having an exact figure, the approximation of Rick’s age was released by Scott Marder himself. This is what he said about it.

“I feel like, taking into account all the technology and things that you have in your body, your body is in its 70s. I’m not sure how old Rick is, because if you look closely at the show, no one really has a birthday. So they are in a strange time hole, a time loop you could say. But whatever he’s doing, it’s keeping him in his seventies. Age and all those things come up constantly, since people don’t let them say “Oh, this could be the birthday of such a character” but we always say “We don’t have those things in this show, we will do thousands of Christmases but we are never going to show a birthday. It’s fun keeping everyone in a cartoon the same age. “

That means that Rick is really an older man, and perhaps it is best to think that he is around 75 years old, not so much on one side and not so much on the other.

Why is it important that they stay the same age?

This is very simple, because the way to tell a story with the characters already established is much easier than jumping in to do different with characters that are constantly growing, in addition to making it grow old opens the way for the series to end at some point, just as happened with Malcolm in the Middle.

However, animated series like The Simpsons, South Park, and obviously Rick and Morty, have managed to stand the test of time by showing characters that are always the same age no matter how much the world changes. That helps all generations meet the same characters but in very different situations each time .

It is a very simple narrative resource but it helps a lot so that the world always feels fresh and that you can resume the series from any point in it without feeling lost due to the changes in age, mood and personality that the fact of grow up.

So surely we will see all the characters in the series always have the same age despite the years, so they will also continue to make us live great moments for an indefinite time

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