Rhyme or Escariar

Rhyme (tool) . Tool used by mechanics to enlarge holes in metal plates.


Although its shape is varied, in essence the rhymes or reaming are cylindrical, tube-like , between 10 and 30cm long, although they can be found in other dimensions. They are constructed of strong metals such as steel and tungsten, and include sharp edges in their shape, which can be distributed throughout the tool or in sections, in many cases these edges are oriented in different directions, in spiral shapesor sic sac, increasing the diameter of its reach to facilitate the work of the tool. Many rhymes are made up of a single piece but others allow the blades to be interchanged, which in many cases can be readjusted through a screw to vary the diameter of their reach. Another characteristic of rhymes is that they have a square or hexagonal shape at one end where a lever is adjusted to allow them to be operated.

Unlike bits, which are responsible for the generation of holes, reaming tools or “rhymes” are used to give the surface finish, precision, roundness and cylindricity to these; for this they have a greater number of edges that perform 3 main functions:

  • Reduce roughness
  • Increase dimensional precision
  • Improve shape

Form of employment

The rhymes are used to expand existing holes in metal plates, for this the tip of the tool is inserted into these holes until the thickness of the tool allows it and by pressing it begins to rotate so that the sharp edges wear down the plate and in this way the diameter of the hole is enlarged. This tool over time has been relegated to the background, giving space to drills, but it is still found in workshops and mechanic stops, especially those who perform field assistance work, since they do not require electrical energy. for its funtionability.


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