Review of the mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Today we will get acquainted with an adventure role-playing based on the works of the English writer J.K. Rowling. Everyone has heard, read, and maybe even watched a movie about Harry Potter and the school for young wizards called Hogwarts. Would you like to study at this school?


  • Introduction. Play or not?
    • Who is recommended to attend the school of wizards
    • Who doesn’t need it
  • What is the game about
  • How to play
  • the end

Introduction. Play or not?

As you have already noticed, dear reader, we will talk about the famous franchise of the English writer J.K. Rowling about the world of wizards and ordinary people. Most of the action takes place within the walls of a magic school called Hogwarts. That’s where we have to go in the role of an ordinary first-grader student. Now let’s talk about the game itself, whether it is worth starting or immediately giving up these bad ideas with mobile games. Try on the skin of Harry Potter.

Who is recommended to attend the school of wizards
  1. The game is completely in ENGLISH LANGUAGE. If you are one of those who give 1 star in reviews and write “add Russian language developer”, just stop.
  2. Variety of dialogues and choices.
  3. Good graphic performance.
Who doesn’t need it
  1. If Harry Potters and all those wizards, Muggles, Hogwarts, Expelliarmus and other Bileberds are not for you.
  2. Don’t like f2p in games.
  3. I don’t play without loli, nyashe, neko, chanoks, furs, ghouls and destruction of Tokyo.

What is the game about

The game is a mixture of quest, RPG and life simulator. It all starts with the fact that you are a young purebred wizard and you have to enter a school of witchcraft and wizardry (for people like you) called Hogwarts. Before that, you have to choose your appearance, get yourself a magic wand and your first acquaintance. Then you are carried away by the Hogwarts Express and hello home school. The first acquaintance with teachers and the choice of your faculty from the four existing in the school. Each faculty has its own classroom.

Create a character

Faculty selection

For every successful action, your faculty receives points, for breaking school rules, points are deducted, and it depends on your actions whether you will lead your classmates to victory or will be listed as losers.

Displaying the progress of your faculty

10 points for Ravenclaw!

Moving around the school is done using the map. Each location has several places to visit. Some of the seats are closed with a lock, which is unlocked upon further passage. It is best to immediately remember the location of the training classes.

General Map

Location in more detailed display.

Your character has a number of parameters necessary to successfully complete some tasks and unlock options during conversations. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  • energy – serves to perform any actions, such as training or investigation, is not wasted when moving around locations or during dialogues.
  • money – used to purchase looks, pets and for some quests, for example, to start a friendship or duel with some character.
  • rubies – donate currency, used to buy pets, externals, refueling energy, etc. it is given for completing quests, successful actions, successful training, etc. (free to play)
  • courage / courage – a parameter of your character, it is used in various checks, duels, playing Quidditch, in dialogues, etc.
  • empathy is a parameter of your character, it is needed for dialogues, quests, using magic, duels, strengthening friendship with classmates and NPCs, etc.
  • knowledge – a parameter of your character, needed for dialogues, quests, potions, duels, etc.
  • magizoologistics is your level of dealing with magical animals.

Character attributes

When knowledge is lacking

You can also develop relationships with other NPCs and receive bonuses for this.

How to play

The gameplay is very simple: there is a main storyline, there are side quests, there are mini-games to increase parameters, duels, and friendship. As I wrote earlier, this requires energy. For example, we must learn a new spell, for this we go to the lesson, there we click on the quest sign (!). We start the mini-game. The goal of the mini-game is to fill the scale by spending energy, sometimes also performing various actions. Above is a scale with asterisks, which must be filled in in time, for example, in an hour. Click on the items or NPCs on the screen, highlighted by a frame, another scale appears, which is filled for the consumption of our energy. If there is not enough energy, you can just wait, since energy accumulates over time, you can replenish it for rubies (for donors), you can replenish it for watching ads. Each asterisk gives another task, you need to perform an action,

We press the exclamation mark

Above is a scale with asterisks to be filled inClick the book, the second READ scale is filled in 2 energiesIt is necessary to repeat the shape on the screen

The game is also replete with a large number of dialogues, the choice of options affects the further plot.


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