Review GoPro Hero 10 Black

Punctual as always, GoPro announces the new Hero 10 Black action camera: the news are all hidden under a body that remains unchanged.

On the anniversary day of the GoPro Hero 9 Black , the company renews the queen of action cameras: here is GoPro Hero 10 Black . The new features are all hidden under a body that remains unchanged, taking the most successful action camera to the next level. The presentation has done nothing but confirm all the rumors leaked so far: GoPro is at the top of the category and has no intention of abdicating . Let’s see why.

The news starts already from the processor: GoPro Hero 10 Black integrates the new GP2 processor which replaces that of the three previous generations. According to the company, the calculation speed has doubled thus leading to higher frame rates at any resolution you record: this means being able to record videos in 4K at 120 fps (frames per second), at 5.3K at 60 fps and videos in  2.7K can go up to 240 fps . Photos are now captured at 23MP (Hero 9 gets to 20MP) and Hypersmooth stabilization has been improved which becomes firmer, thus ensuring high-end videos. In short, those who use these small cameras – think of motorcyclists – will be happy with these new features.

Among the most appreciated features of last year’s model is the ability to block the horizon line: the inclination that was previously corrected by 27 ° can now have a correction of as much as 45 °, obviously the option remains disabled. The new processor also improves the touch of the color display that made its debut on the previous model and the transfer speed via Wi-Fi. The other big news is the ability to transfer files via USB-C cable to a tablet or smartphone ; files can also be automatically uploaded to the cloud on your GoPro account.

The battery and accessories are the same as the GoPro Hero 9 Black. The photographic sensor has not changed, the improvements are due to the new processor that also brings the new ISP with it, and the water resistance up to 10 meters remains.

GoPro Hero 10 Black arrives in Italy for 529 euros . Instead, it drops to 429 euros if you activate the GoPro service subscription (49.90 euros per year) or for those who already have one active.

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