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The keyboard is one of the peripherals with the most contact we have, along with the mouse. Whether for work or play, it is not only important to feel comfortable with it, but it must also be able to respond to our needs. There are keyboards of all kinds, both in features and in price. But if we do not want to leave a fortune on the keyboard, because we do not need some features such as a mechanical keyboard, or that it has an LCD on the top, we can find excellent quality peripherals suitable for all pockets, such as the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT .


  • Characteristics
  • Unboxing and first impressions
  • Configuration and testing
  • Personal opinion

Characteristics and technical specifications

Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT  
Kind Full keyboard
illumination RGB LED
Connection USB
Anti-Ghosting Yes, 12 keys
Compatible OS Windows
Switch Membrane
software iCUE
Type of cable Normal
Cable length 1.82 meters
Width 167 mm
Long 481 mm
High 36 mm
Weight 0.94 kg

The Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT keyboard is one of the manufacturer’s “low cost” membrane keyboards . This keyboard is an evolution of the K55 range, a full-size keyboard made entirely of plastic and with a membrane-hybrid mechanism for the keys. This mechanism mimics the feel and operation of mechanical keys, but with a much smoother and quieter operation.

The K55 RGB PRO XT has a complete RGB lighting system , being able to customize, through the iCUE program, the color of each letter individually. It is true that the result is not entirely accurate when using a lower LED panel instead of individual LEDs for each letter, but it achieves a quite good effect, allowing the manufacturer to lower the final price of the keyboard.

It has a 12-key anti-ghosting system . It also has 7 dedicated multimedia keys on the upper right of the keyboard, and has 6 G keys for macros, which we can customize through the Corsair software. This keyboard offers us a key to control the lighting without using any software, a key to deactivate the Windows key (game mode) and the possibility of recording our own macros without depending on any program.

The connectivity of the K55 RGB Pro XT is USB 3.0 , and it has a Polling Rate of 1000 Hz . The USB cable is fixed, has a rubber finish and measures 1.82 meters. The dimensions of the keyboard are 481x167x36, and it has a weight of 0.94 kilos. It also includes an armrest finished in rubber.

An important aspect is that the keys have IP42 protection , which protects them from dust and water splashes.

The official price of this keyboard is 79.99 euros .


Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT


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Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT external review

This new Corsair keyboard comes in a cardboard box just like other peripherals from the company. In this box the colors black and yellow predominate. At the top we can see an image of the keyboard in question, with its lighting. And on the back another photo of the keyboard, along with its main specifications.

When opening the box, the first thing that we will find will be the typical manufacturer’s information manuals. On the one hand we will have the warranty manual and the security information document. And we will also find the instruction manual itself, which will explain how the keyboard works.

In this manual we will find the keyboard shortcuts that we can use to control the hardware keyboard lighting, as well as the operation of the keys to create macros.

When unpacking the keyboard, the first thing that will catch our eye is the armrest. This is black, and is the same width as the keyboard. Its finish is rubber, which makes it very comfortable to use when placing your wrists on it. This armrest is hooked to the keyboard from the bottom by means of the two tabs that we find on it, which allows it not to move from one side to the other when we move the keyboard. In the central part we will find the word Corsair written.

The keyboard in question, as we can see, has a size slightly larger than normal, due to the 6 G keys on the left side.

The keyboard layout is ISO from Spain. What stands out the most from the keyboard are the macro keys, on the left side of the keyboard, and the dedicated multimedia keys on the upper right side of the keyboard.

In the central part we can find the Corsair logo, next to the USB cable that comes out of the upper part.

This USB cable has a plain, rubberized finish and is, according to your specifications, USB 3.0 type. The cable is very flexible and we will have no problems placing it as we want on our desk.

At the bottom of the keyboard we can find the sticker with its technical data. We will also find rubber finishes that will help us prevent the keyboard from moving while we write with it, and two pins to raise it and be able to work with it more comfortably.

The height of the keys is normal in this type of hybrid keyboard. Therefore, if we are used to a hybrid keyboard, or a mechanical one, the curve to get used to it will be slight.

Testing and configuration

Windows automatically detects the keyboard as soon as you connect it to the computer’s USB port. If we have the iCUE software installed we can use it to configure its keys and their operation, while if we do not have this program installed we can use it normally, taking advantage of the hardware configuration shortcuts to adapt it to our liking.

The keys use a hybrid mechanism. This means that, although the button is made of membrane (similar to that of laptops), the keys have a similar travel to that of mechanical keyboards. Although the touch is not the same, the truth is that it is very similar to that of other higher-end models. Of course, these types of keyboards are much quieter than mechanical keyboards, ideal for all types of environments.

Configure hardware keyboard

If we don’t want (or can’t) use the iCUE software, we can control the keyboard with these keyboard shortcuts. They are all carried out by pressing the function FN key, followed by the following keys:

  • 1 -> Rainbow spiral
  • 2 -> Rain
  • 3 -> Rainbow wave
  • 4 -> Viewer
  • 5 -> Lighting per key
  • 6 -> Ripple lighting
  • 7 -> Color Shift
  • 8 -> Color pulse
  • 9 -> Color wave
  • 0 -> Static color (press to change color)
  • `-> Reset water color
  • – -> Lower effect speed
  • = -> Increase speed of effect
  • [-> Rotate effect left
  • ] -> Rotate effect right

Likewise, with the macro key, we will be able to save the macros that we want in the G1-6 keys. But, if we really want to get the most out of this keyboard, the ideal is to opt for the iCUE program.

Configure with iCUE

Corsair’s configuration program, iCUE, is the same that we can use to configure the other peripherals of the company. Once the keyboard is connected to the computer, it will recognize it, and it will appear together with the rest of the manufacturer’s components that we have connected.

If we place the mouse over it we can see the different options that we can access.

And if we click we can see the keyboard in more detail.

The first thing we can do with this program is change the key assignment. From there we will be able to configure the G keys on the keyboard according to different actions (we can even go further by installing the Elgato software) or change the assignment of any of the computer keys.

Second, we can configure the keyboard lighting. Thanks to iCUE we will have a large number of configuration possibilities, being able to easily create the effects that we want.

We will also be able to configure the lighting by hardware. These options are much more limited, and they are the ones that will appear when we do not have iCUE activated.

In the performance options we can configure the behavior of some of the PC keys. For example, we will be able to disable the Alt + Tab, Alt + F4, Shift + Tab shortcuts or disable the Windows key.

Finally, the device configuration section will allow us to see the firmware that we have installed, update it (if there is a new version), change the polling rate or the brightness of the keyboard.

Conclusion: is the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT worth it?

High-end keyboards often bet on using mechanical push buttons. It is true that these tend to be much more precise and resistant than other mechanisms, but they are also too expensive in price. And many users cannot afford to pass the $ 100 barrier just for a keyboard. The Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT is a hybrid keyboard, which uses membrane technology with a mechanical feel so that all users can have a quality keyboard without spending a lot of money.

The “Pro XT” model is the most complete, offering per-key RGB lighting, more than 10 different lighting effects and game integration. But, if we do not want to spend the 80 euros it costs, we have another cheaper model, the “Pro” to dry, which changes the lighting (by areas instead of by key), the color and is not compatible with games. And their difference is 20 dollars.

If we had to highlight a negative point of this keyboard, we could talk about its lighting. Corsair sells us the keyboard as having independent per-key lighting. However, it does not actually have an LED dedicated to each of the keys, but a panel that, although it is precise and we can customize per key, offers a blurring around that we do not see in other types of technologies.

For the rest, this is one of the best membrane keyboards on the market. A great, silent and highly durable keyboard that will be with us for a long time.

For all these reasons, we decided to give the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT keyboard our gold accolade .


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