Review Black enamel: imported or national?

Painting the nails in dark colors may seem like a new and cool method of modern times, however, the Egyptians and Chinese of ancient royalty already used extracts of medicinal plants and black henna to turn the nails in an almost black tone.

From the 19th century on, books that taught how to paint nails became more and more popular. In Brazil, women used colored powders to polish and shine their nails – a technique widely used today, by the way.

Currently, black enamel is one of the most present in the fashion world. Just like the basic black looks, the enamel in this color is a versatile and wild option, in addition to being elegant, sophisticated and can be used for any occasion.

The black enamel still allows an infinite number of combinations and looks beautiful both on long nails and on the shortest ones.

But those who say that black nail polish is all the same are wrong! To demonstrate this, Bleeza tested a national and an imported option to help you choose. Look that!

 Imported option: Revlon Knocknut

  • Average price: from R $ 14.00 to R $ 15.00 *;
  • Quantity: 14.7 mL.

The Revlon Knocknut enamel is one of the most sought after by the brand because of the versatility and sophistication it offers.

Revlon was one of the first brands to launch nail polish the way it is known today. In 1932, he launched his first beauty item, creamy and long-lasting enamel.

According to the brand, the product provides intense color without causing bubbles and stains on top of the enamel. In addition, it has Chip Defiant and anti-fading technology, promoting full coverage and high durability: it can last up to a week on nails.

It contains in its Silk-Silicone formula, an active agent that covers the entire nail surface with silk protein, providing intense shine and an even layer in the first application.

When applying, the elongated brush allows for ease and precision, reaching all corners of the nail. Oh, and it still counts with quick drying, avoiding unwanted smudges.

It is important to mention that the enamel is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, free of toluene, formaldehyde and other irritants, which is legal for people who suffer from skin irritations and allergies.

* The price survey was conducted through the CR on 12/20/2019. Values ​​may change.


  • Long term;
  • Fast drying;
  • High pigmentation in the first layer;
  • Anatomical brush that facilitates application.

Negative points

  • It is not very easy to find in physical stores.
  • Leaves the nail stained when removing. 

National option: Colorama Black

  • Average price: from R $ 3.60 to R $ 4.49 *;
  • Quantity: 8mL

The Black nail polish , from the Colorama Cremoso line, was created with the latest fashion trends and consumer preferences in mind. Several aspects were taken into account: texture, application, durability and even packaging.

As the brand promises, it provides easier enameling due to the more fluid texture and the flat model brush, which helps avoid possible smudges – since it adapts to the shape of the nails.

In the opinion of the Bleeza team, so that the dark color fills 100% of the nail and there are no imperfections, at least two layers of the product are required. Drying ends up taking a little longer, but still quick compared to other thicker enamels.

According to Colorama, the enamel formula has resin, which brings intense shine and longer duration after application. Really, the mirror effect is incredible, since the durability depends on your routine. 

It can last for up to a week on the nails, but when we tested with more than two layers the enamel ended up peeling faster. 

Certainly this color matches all shades of clothing and the best part is that it is super versatile and can be used in everyday life and at parties. 

Something nice to note is that Colorama is a traditional Brazilian nail polish brand and has been part of the beauty routine of many people for over 70 years!  


  • The product is cheap and has a good durability on the nails;
  • It has quick drying;
  • It yields a lot, due to the fluid texture;
  • It is not thick, which facilitates application;
  • The brush is neither too soft nor too hard, great for coloring with more precision.

Negative points

  • It is necessary to apply more than one layer for the coloring to be really good;
  • The texture is fluid, so care must be taken when applying it.

Black enamel is a wild option that combines with the most varied types of clothing tones and also looks beautiful mixed with other nail polish colors.

There is no secret or even a nail size that matches this color better, you can create your style. How about merging with pink, orange, red, white, among others, without fear?

So, which of the two options did you find most interesting? If you decide to invest in any of these products, send us your opinion! We love to share experiences.
If you have one of them in your nail polish collection, tell us what you think too!



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