Review and test Acer Nitro XV252QF

More recently, in our tests went Monitor 360 Hz – the Acer the Predator the X25 . The model cost as much as 77 thousand rubles and was stuffed with the most I don’t want: there were both light sensors, and NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer, and a full-fledged G-Sync module. Actually, this then prevented us from making an unambiguous conclusion about 360 Hz: too much money came out for every extra sneeze. Therefore, today we have a monitor that is 36% cheaper, but offers a faster matrix without all the frills. And, what is cool, this is also a monitor from Acer , which will allow us to compare how different the screens are in the models for 77 thousand and for 49 thousand.

First impressions

The Nitro XV252QF is delivered in a regular cardboard box, which also contains instructions and a complete set of cables: power, HDMI and Display Port. The monitor itself is packed unassembled, but assembled in a minute and a half. The panel is fastened to the rack with latches, and the support is screwed with a screw with a wide wing – you don’t even need a screwdriver.
There are no questions about the appearance. Black panel, black stand, black back. From the decorations – only different types of grinding, an embossed Acer logo on the back and a red edging around the support. The main material is ordinary plastic. Both the display case and the table support are made of it. But the leg is metal and is adjustable in all axes, except for rotation along the vertical axis: if you want to turn the monitor towards you, you will have to move the entire structure. However, given the fact that the support here is on the turntable, and the leg itself is thin, this will not cause any inconvenience.
Let’s say the same about connecting cables. All entrances look down into the table, but since the leg allows you to turn the matrix into a portrait position, it is not difficult to get to them. By the way, the set of ports itself is not bad: there are two HDMI 2.0 (maximum at 240 Hz), DisplayPort 1.4 and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Power is supplied directly via a standard computer cable without any external units. It’s comfortable.
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