Review AlphaESS BlackBee 1000 and SP200 solar panel

After a few days of intensive testing, here is our full review of the BlackBee 1000 , a massive 1036.8 Watt powerhouse, combined with the brand new SP200 portable solar panel , both rated at 200 Watts from AlphaESS . It is a company that produces and sells products for home energy storage and winner of several global awards, such as the German Red Dot Design Ward , it was also identified as a leading supplier in 2021 with 6% market share Global.

Interest in solar energy is clearly on the rise, more and more people prefer to rely on a solar generator with an attached panel to power their electronic devices, both indoors and especially outdoors.

By taking a look inside the catalogs of online stores, you will surely have noticed how many models are currently available for this category of products. Today we will give special attention to the BlackBee 1000 portable solar generator and SP200 solar panel from AlphaESS .

I remind you that for both products, AlphaESS has made available promotional codes on expiry to obtain a discount of 25% to 30% . At the end of the article you will find more details.



  • BlackBee 1000: the complete test
    • Package contents and unboxing of BlackBee 1000 and SP200
    • Design
    • Features and performances
    • Portability
    • Ease of use and compatibility
    • Reload
    • It also works as a backup generator
    • Other types of use
    • Technical specifications of BlackBee 1000
    • The Alpha ESS SP200 solar panel
    • SP200 technical specifications
    • Conclusions and price
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BlackBee 1000: the complete test

Before examining in detail what the characteristics of this portable solar generator are , it is advisable to understand what a product of this kind is and what it can be used for.

When you use a portable solar generator, all you do is equip yourself with a device capable of converting solar energy into electricity , which you can use to power your appliances, whether they are small or large.

An instrument of this kind is composed of three main elements: solar panels , an inverter for charging and a battery .

  1. The solar panelor several of them are designed with several nearby photovoltaic cells that are intended to absorb sunlight and transform it into electrical energy .
  2. The inverter, or charge regulator , has the objective of controlling the flow of energy from the photovoltaic panel to the battery , regulating the input voltage and current so as not to damage the battery.
  3. Another element is the batterywhich has the function of storing the energy generated by the panels and conveying it to the sockets to power external devices , whether they are telephones, monitors or any other compatible electronic product.

A portable solar generator can be useful to you in various contexts, in fact, you can take it with you on a camping trip , on an excursion or simply for outdoor activities and in emergency conditions . In recent years it has become a tool of great interest because it allows us to obtain renewable energy, eliminating the much noisier and more polluting fuel generators.

Now that you have a clearer idea of ​​what a portable solar generator is, let’s see how the BlackBee 1000 performs in daily use .

Package contents and unboxing of BlackBee 1000 and SP200

When you receive the BlackBee 1000 at home you will immediately notice a compact box , in fact, as we will analyze later, it is a particularly small generator in its 1000 version . Inside the package you will find, in addition to the transportable solar generator , also a cable to connect it directly to the fixed electrical socket in the house, useful for quickly charging it before using it.

There are no other items than an installation guide , the external power supply for the cigarette lighter and a USB-C cable .

The SP200 solar panel is a perfect match and is super easy to install . It comes in a well packaged box and in addition to the solar panel you will find: a carrying case , an instruction manual and all the cables to connect it in the best possible way ( Anderson extension cable, 5.5*2.5 mm cable, 8mm adapter, 5.5*2.1mm adapter ).

AlphaESS BlackBee1000 Portable Power Station, 1000W Solar Generator with 1036Wh 3 * 230V Pure Sine Wave AC USB-C Outputs PD100W Quick Charge LED Light, RV Camping Emergency

1,099.00 EUR

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AlphaESS SP200 Portable Solar Panel 200W, High Efficiency Foldable Solar Charger with Adjustable Stand, IP65 Waterproof Solar Generator with Anderson Ports, DC5521 and DC5525

499.00 EUR

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After removing the solar power generator from the package, you will find an extremely compact device in your hands, precisely with dimensions of 27x34x26 centimeters , measures that are distributed over a weight of 11.35 kilograms . As you can see, the weight and dimensions make this product easy to transport , also because a particularly large mobile handle has been designed on the upper part of the structure , with which to grip the generator.

Surely the 11 kilograms are not ideal for being transported over long distances on foot, but in the car it is easy to handle and not bulky .

The materials that make up this device are mainly resistant plastic , in black and yellow , you will notice excellent resistance and good overall quality . In addition to the rubber handle placed in the upper part , the design of this BlackBee 1000 is given by the large torch positioned on the long side and by the inputs for the Schuko , USB and cigarette lighter sockets on the opposite side.

Features and performances


Aesthetics are a strong point of this generator, but what does it offer in its technical specifications and daily use? The capacity of the AlphaESS BlackBee 1000 is 1036.8 Wh , therefore, you can count on a good output power from the ports , but it is not suitable for powering large appliances : we advise you to opt for a solution of at least 2.5 kWh for heavy work tools .

The capacity of the generator allows you to take advantage of up to 12 devices simultaneously and do it via the USB-C input and output . In fact, you can also connect a 200W solar panel to recharge the internal battery . There is also a battery management system (BMS) is an electronic system that manages battery charging to ensure safety, including input under voltage protection, output over voltage protection, overload protection, over current short circuit protection , overtemperature protection.

If the AC output has a short circuit or the output is overloaded (for example the load exceeds 1000W), the unit will turn off the AC output for protection. Just fix it and press the AC output button again to get AC output. Some electronic appliances, such as air conditioner, hair dryer, may require a peak power to start up or during use. In this case the peak power could exceed 1000 W and trigger the unit’s overload protection mode.

Among the most interesting features we point out the Pass-Through function and wireless charging , with which you can recharge your smartphone if compatible. In the latter case, simply press the Info button twice to activate wireless charging , then place the devices in the designated area.

The side flashlight consists of 2 LED panels that allow you to activate SOS mode . The output power is ≤3W with cold daylight and the brightness levels are 3. It is perfect if you decide to generate ecological energy for the house by mounting the solar panel and the AP 1000 portable generator on the balcony to connect laptops, fans , lighting and much more .

AlphaESS BlackBee1000 Portable Power Station, 1000W Solar Generator with 1036Wh 3 * 230V Pure Sine Wave AC USB-C Outputs PD100W Quick Charge LED Light, RV Camping Emergency

1,099.00 EUR

Buy on Amazon


We anticipated that this solar generator weighs around 11 kilograms, a value that makes it a transportable solution , but it depends on how much distance you have to cover. It is not too heavy for short distances, the handle is resistant and guarantees enviable ease of transport; but if you need to take the generator with you for a long and demanding journey, after a few kilometers the 11 kilograms can be felt.

In principle, it is therefore a product that is easy to transport and comfortable, but suitable for short distances or for transport by car . Most people take this device with them in the car to the desired place and once installed in the dedicated area, they can use it easily.

Ease of use and compatibility

A generator with a solar panel must necessarily be simple to use and perhaps compatible with several different photovoltaic elements. Fortunately, like all other solar generators, the BlackBee 1000 also has plug and play operation , in fact, all you need is a full battery, not necessarily all, to use the energy for your devices.

The coupling for the photovoltaic panel is positioned on the side of the generator and once the end of the SP200 or other similar element is inserted, the battery recharge will start automatically. The MC4 adapter is not difficult to position, in a few seconds the panel can be connected to the power station and in about 6-8 hours the battery can be fully recharged .


A very important aspect of a portable power plant is its recharging , although portability is very useful, being able to use electricity anywhere without waiting too long for recharging could be a crucial point for those who do not have time.

You can charge both via the electrical socket and using the solar panel .

In the first case you can count on a 180W recharge via AC adapter in about 7-8 hours , while in the second you are bound to the maximum absorption power of the photovoltaic panel , which is limited to 200W . One of the peculiarities of this system is that you can use multiple charging methods at the same time , in fact, you can both connect a 92W charger and a USB-C cable to reach maximum speed. Using the car charger cable (included) you can plug the charger into the car port and plug the other end into the input port of the AP 1000.

With the 200W solar panel it takes about 7 hours to recharge the battery , while with a less powerful solution it will take much longer.

I remind you that to save battery the BlackBee 1000 will turn off automatically if:

  • AC output < 20W in 4 hours
  • DC output < 3W in 12 hours
  • USB output < 0.2W in 12 hours

However, you can deactivate the ECO mode by pressing the Info button for 3 seconds, the LCD Display will show the ” L ” symbol.

AlphaESS BlackBee1000 Portable Power Station, 1000W Solar Generator with 1036Wh 3 * 230V Pure Sine Wave AC USB-C Outputs PD100W Quick Charge LED Light, RV Camping Emergency

1,099.00 EUR

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It also works as a backup generator

Those who rely on the BlackBee 1000 can take advantage of a perfect device for the camper , in fact, you will have the possibility of always having a good quantity of renewable energy with you by recharging the generator with the photovoltaic panels while you are on the move. The panels are very easily positioned on the roof of the camper and by connecting them to the power station you will be able to obtain sufficient charge for the devices when you are stationary.

The BlackBee 1000 also works as a great backup generator , so you have a backup system in case you have a power outage . Although it doesn’t have the same specifications as a standard PSU , it allows you to use the computer and a monitor without any problems for a good amount of hours.

Other types of use

portable power station can be used in so many other ways, indoors and outdoors . You can take the generator with you on a boat or for camping trips . In recent years, many companies have also purchased a solar generator to manage outdoor events where there is no energy source, positioning the device strategically.

You can also use the solar generator to power gardening tools or for all those remote jobs where there is no energy connection .

Pressing the AC or DC buttons or the USB button will activate their power function. When not using these ports, be sure to turn off the power to save energy.

Technical specifications of BlackBee 1000

  • Model: AlphaESS BlackBee 1000
  • Weight: 11.35kg
  • Dimensions: 34.3 x 25.4 x 26.7cm
  • Capacity: 1036.8Wh
  • Max discharge: 1000W continuous, 2000W peak
  • Maximum charge: 180W max (AC) / 200W (solar)
  • Solar regulator: MPPT
  • Life cycles: 1000 cycles
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Battery type: lithium ion
  • Solar Charging: Yes
  • Cost per Wh: $1
  • AC Outputs: 3 x 110V
  • USB outputs: 2 USB-C ports (standard, PD) and 2 USB-A ports
  • DC charging port / DC input
    • 12V-24V, 180W max
    • Car charger
    • Solar Panel
  • Info display
    • Battery level
    • Input power
    • Output power
    • Cryogenic protection
    • Overtemperature protection

The Alpha ESS SP200 solar panel

A generator of this kind, even if it can work very well even without a solar panel, finds its maximum expression and utility with a photovoltaic support. One of the best solutions for the BlackBee 1000 is the AlphaESS SP200 solar panel .

Analyzing the data sheet, this panel has a power of 200W and is extremely easy to transport thanks to the possibility of folding it on itself. Monocrystalline solar cells offer you a high conversion efficiency , guaranteeing you an optimal recharge and very low waste.

The dimensions of the panel are 51.8×68.9 cm when closed and 230×68.9 cm when open , with a total weight of 8.2 kilograms . It is currently among the most popular solar panels because it is compatible with most generators , including the AlphaESS AP1000 series . The input voltage of the AP 1000 is 12-24V and the input port is DC5525

To increase the efficiency of the solar panel, it must be used in direct light by positioning it perpendicular to the sunlight and making sure that it is not obstructed. To connect it to the power station, insert the panel plug into the input port of the AP 1000. The latter will be fully recharged when the battery display indicator is at 100% .

To make the connection between the solar panel and the power station, remove the product from the packaging, unfold the portable solar panel and position it by supporting it with the jack stands. Extract the cables and the necessary converter, supplied in the solar panel, and connect it to the AP1000 energy storage device.

AlphaESS SP200 Portable Solar Panel 200W, High Efficiency Foldable Solar Charger with Adjustable Stand, IP65 Waterproof Solar Generator with Anderson Ports, DC5521 and DC5525

499.00 EUR

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SP200 technical specifications

  • Model: AlphaESS SP200 200W Solar Panel
  • Weight: 8.2kg
  • Dimensions when closed: 518*689 mm
  • Dimensions when open: 2300*689 mm
  • Cell type: monocrystalline silicon
  • Connector Type: Anderson / DC 8mm / DC 5.5*2.5mm / DC 5.5mm*2.1mm
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Operating and storage temperature: -10°C-65°C
  • Waterproof rate: IP65
  • Extension cable length: 2m
  • Compatible Model: AlphaESS AP1000; Explorer Jackery 1000/500/300/240; Objective Zero 1000x/500x; Anker 545, etc.
  • Peak power: 200W
  • Maximum Supply Voltage: 19.8V
  • Max Power Current: 10.1A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 23.7V
  • Short circuit current: 10.6A
  • Efficiency: ≥22%

Conclusions and price

As you will have been able to ascertain by reading this review, the use of a portable solar generator can be useful both for indoors and outdoors, in fact, you will have no problem placing it near a tent, in a camper or in a car to restart the vehicle in the event of a malfunction. Internally it is the ideal solution to compensate for sudden blackouts and to power all the appliances you have in the garden where there is no fixed socket.

The BlackBee 1000 solar generator and SP200 solar panel are a great combination for anyone who wants to build a portable power station . Both devices are available for purchase on Amazon . The current cost of the generator is 1,099 euros , while the solar panel will cost you 499 euros .

By applying the following promotional codes offered by AlphaESS at the time of purchase you will get significant discounts:

For the BlackBee 1000

  • Coupon: BB1000X3529
  • Discount expiry date: 2023-06-18 23:59
  • Discount percentage:30%
  • Sale price: 1099 EUR
  • Discounted price: 769 EUR

For the SP200

  • CouponSP200X3529
  • Discount Expiry Date: 2023-06-18 23:59 CET
  • Discount percentage: 25%
  • Sale price: 499 EUR
  • Discounted price: 374 EUR

With an investment of less than 1,200 euros, you will be able to make the most of your electronic devices when you need them, isolating the system from the standard household electricity contracts.

The product warranty period is 24 months and is calculated from the date of purchase.


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