Revelation: how to get a deposit

A guide on where you can get contribution points and where to spend them

Contribution is the currency for those who are in the guild. For it, you can buy not only various items for the appearance, but also get bonuses to the characteristics of the character. How to mine and what to spend this currency – we will talk about this further.

How do I view my contribution?

Open the Guild window , then select the Squad tab . The line with your nickname will display your amount of contribution .

Where to get the Deposit?

[*] To build a guild base, resources are needed, which are mined and donated by players. Contribution points are given as a reward . So, what can you share with the guild base:

Bronze coins

By donating 10,000 (daily limit) bronze coins , the player will receive 50 contribution points.

Native hemalite

Native gemalit produced in the following locations: Mine Base guild, a quest reward from traveler Taipan . Sometimes they fall in dungeons and from guild bosses. Purchased for pirate silver from the Saab Strong Press merchant . As a last resort, native hemalites are purchased at an auction.

Shards of meteorite

In the licensed Monster Hunt instances , there is an NPC Hunter from the Order of Guardians near the portal , who gives the quest Magic Debris for 10 meteorite shards , which requires you to kill a special boss located behind the portal, which opens at the beginning of every hour. After killing the boss, opening the chest and turning in the NPC quest, you will receive 10 shards. Also, this resource is given for the successful participation of the guild on the Isle of Shattered Stars and in the Sieges . More shards can be purchased at the auction and bought for pirate silver from the merchant Saab Strong Press .

Elm wood

Elm wood is obtained from the Guild’s Sawmill . Walk up to any tree and start chopping it down. A total of seven elm woods can be harvested per day.


Dropped by completing 10 guild quests in the Warrior’s Path . The pages required to create this book are obtained as follows: completing the task from the Notice Board – Spy games and some others for construction, a reward from guild bosses, buying for pirate silver from the merchant Saab Strong Press .

Sphere mechanics

The pages for creating this book fall out as follows: 10 guild quests in the Warrior’s Path , guild bosses, purchase for pirate silver from the merchant Saab Strong Press .

Secret gates

Pages of the secret gates drop as a reward from guild bosses.

Sulan’s Moneylender

Awarded for completing the quest Together is more fun given by Taipan the Traveler . Drops from guild bosses, as well as from dungeons and from killing mobs while hunting monsters .

[*] By completing the activity of the Warrior’s Path – Guild Quests , you can get more than 30 contribution points.

  1. Executing Trade Orders with Raffen. Thanks to this activity, you will be able to get a huge amount of investment. Guide to this assignment . And also a video guide .
  2. If the guild leader hires a worker that you treated at the tavern, you will receive 10 contributions.
  3. Nine contributions are given for completing the quest Surge Poweron the Notice Board at the guild base.
  4. Performing event Hunt guild and ranked the top 100, you get a mortgage sulanskogo moneylenderand the page “Mechanics of the spheres” . The first three guilds will receive the Secret Gates pages . The award is given once a week.
  5. By completing the Ancient Contributionevent and placing in the top 100, you will receive the Empire pages and the Orb Mechanics pages . The first three guilds will receive the Secret Gates pages .

The award is given once a week.

  1. This is where the Notice Board, Hops and Raffen are located. 2. Mine

What to spend the Deposit on?

  • Leveling skills on the Training Groundat the guild base.
  • Receiving bonuses in the Astrologer’s Tower.
  • Purchase of goods at the Trade Yard.
  • Goods from the merchant of rarities Migo.
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