Rethinking infidelity and how to recover from betrayal

Which woman has never encountered infidelity , even if it was just a suspicion? The truth is that betrayal has existed since the marriage was created and it is very difficult for anyone to spend their love life without even thinking about it.

But how do you deal with this very controversial subject and also treated as a taboo in our society? In this article, I want to make you rethink infidelity and also give you some tips to help you overcome betrayal. Good reading!

To talk about infidelity, I will address the very important issues, see below:

  • What is betrayal and how has infidelity evolved?
  • What if there is infidelity?
  • How to heal from a betrayal

After reading it, I hope you will have a more rational view of infidelity and will also be able to recover more easily if you suffer any betrayal.

What is betrayal and how has infidelity evolved?

In this article, I want to make you rethink some points about infidelity . To start, I would like to share some parallels:

  • Before, monogamy was having a partner for life. Now, it means having one partner at a time.
  • Before, we married to be able to have sex for the first time. Now, we get married to stop having sex with other people.
  • Monogamy was not born based on love, but to facilitate the division of inheritance, since all parents would know who their legitimate children were.

Isn’t it interesting to see how some thoughts about loyalty have changed over time? Nothing more natural than the way we deal with it also changes in a certain way.

If we think about it, cheating and hiding an infidelity has never been easier than today, especially if we consider that cheating does not jeopardize our economic situation as it used to, but our emotional condition.

Betrayal has become another human behavior in an era in which the search for pleasure and happiness are priorities. Everyone wants to find pleasure, the perfect person, the greatest satisfaction. As a result, relationships lose space in the face of the individual’s will.

Just remember that before people divorced only as a last resort, when they were very unhappy. Today, divorce often happens because people just want to be happier.

Betrayal comes in there too, since many people, when they are no longer feeling totally happy in a relationship, instead of investing in improving it, seek an escape by opening space to meet another person. Unfortunately, they find it easier to invest time and energy creating a new relationship than strengthening the foundations of an existing one.

And a betrayal doesn’t have to be just when someone who is committed has physical relationships with someone else. The infidelity is relative and depends on the agreements between each couple. For example, anyone who lives in an open relationship, considers treason to fall in love with another person. For other couples, however, just watching pornographic movies can already mean an act of infidelity .

Over time, human behavior has changed and so has the mindset on many points in a loving relationship. We need to rethink infidelity to understand how to react best when it happens!

What if there is infidelity?

Okay, we understand that infidelity today is part of this constant need to satisfy our desires and wants, to please our own selves. In any case, betrayal remains the breach of a contract and any trust built within a relationship.

For this reason, many readers often ask me: and if there is betrayal, what to do? The fact is that there is no right answer, in some cases the best thing to do is to end the relationship , in many others, it is worth giving your partner a second chance, understanding what led you to look for someone else.

It is up to you – and only you – to decide what to do at those times. It is good to hear advice from friends and your family, but the resolution of this problem must still be taken at home, also taking into account how much it affected you. Remember, anyone who has cheated once is much more likely to repeat the behavior in the future. Will you be able to endure if it happens?

Only you can decide what to do if you discover that your partner is unfaithful. Staying in the relationship or breaking up should take your desires and feelings into consideration!

How to heal from a betrayal

Either way, whether you decide to continue the relationship or not, upon discovering a partner’s infidelity, you will surely experience a thump in your life. As bad as the relationship is, deep down, no woman wants to be betrayed and this is always a very critical situation for self-confidence .

So I have listed below some actions you can take to recover from betrayal. Check out:

  • Face the feelings : the betrayal happened, there is no way to ignore the fact and pretend that nothing happened. You and your partner should talk about it, talking about how you feel about it.
  • Avoid mistrust : if you continue in the relationship, there is nothing worse than living in a climate of eternal mistrust, always asking where he was or with whom. Instead, try to explore conversations that talk about feelings and meanings.
  • Regain self-esteem: you are a wonderful woman, don’t forget that! The most that can be happening is that you need to regain your confidence and show it to the world. Look for activities that help you in this discovery.
  • Don’t put yourself in the role of victim: have you been betrayed? That happens! You don’t have to be the victim forever for your family and friends, let alone your partner.
  • Think about the future: if you want to continue the relationship or not, just thinking about the betrayal that happened does not help you to be happy and to fulfill yourself lovingly.

Betrayal is curable, especially if you take positive action after discovering infidelity. Putting yourself in the role of victim does not help you either to maintain the relationship, nor to find happiness in a new life as a single woman. Think about it!

Remember: you are a well-resolved woman!

When asked what I think about infidelity , I always like to answer that there are two sides. A bad one, which leads to pain and hurt, and another that can be seen as positive, which is discovery and strengthening. This is true for relationships that continue as well as for women who decide not to tolerate betrayal and end their courtship or marriage.

The most important thing you should think about, in fact, is that you are an incredible woman, fully capable of overcoming betrayal, decide what to decide in relation to your partner. You have all the attributes to also seek your happiness, this is the key!

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