Resident Evil 3 Remake: 100% Guide, Cheats and Secrets

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Resident Evil 3 Remake . In these posts we will tell you all about Jill Valentine’s escape from Raccoon City, and how to survive the terrible Nemesis . Don’t worry, it will be much easier than it seems, although in any case, you have to make an effort if you don’t want to be zombie pasture. You better have prepared for a new run-in with Umbrella’s creatures.

100% history and areas

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Jill Valentine is trapped in Raccon City. Throughout the history of the game, we will tell you how to overcome all areas 100%, getting weapons, objects and collectibles along the way.

  • Northern District :Jill’s apartment is no longer safe. It is not a good idea to dig in here.
  • Downtown :In the main streets of Raccon City there should be a substation that allows the subway to start.
  • Sewers and construction site :Jill will have to find a way to return to the surface and make her way through a building under construction.
  • Police station :the RPD building is quite sinister, but we need to check if what we are looking for is there.
  • Subway tunnels and clock square :our heroine once again has the need to leave some tunnels, although perhaps the surface is even more dangerous …
  • Hospital (Carlos) : Thehandsome guy in this horror story has to fulfill his role as a hero.
  • Hospital (Jill) :Recovered, Jill has a chance to explore the building before moving on.
  • Hospital basements :why does a hospital need such strange facilities?
  • NEST 2 : Itis time to put an end to Umbrella operations in the city. The good way or the bad way.

All weapons and how to get them


Surviving a zombie holocaust will not be easy. In order to do this, we will tell you how to get all the weapons of the campaign, so that nothing can get in your way. Or that, at least, whoever tries it comes out scalded. In addition to how to get the weapons of the campaign, we will also tell you how to get:

  • Accessories :with these pieces you can further improve your weapons.
  • Weapons with infinite ammunition :all weapons that will make your game easier.

How to defeat Nemesis and all combat

The brown beast that will hunt you throughout the game. Here we are going to tell you a few, including tips to defeat Nemesis , in addition to the objects that you will get when you make him fall in specific points. We will also show you the best ways to overcome the mandatory clashes against this deadly enemy.

All enemies and how to beat them

Although Nemesis will be the main threat, there will also be other creatures that we will have to face. Here we will tell you how to defeat all the enemies in the game, so that you have a tactical advantage.

Rank S

The coveted S rank is the maximum rating that can be earned at the end of the game. We want to show you the requirements of the S rank in each difficulty , so that you know how you go about time if your goal is that long-awaited award.

All puzzles and how to solve them

The game is not especially prolific in puzzles, but there are a couple of puzzles that we will help you solve . Don’t worry, it’s not that I have anything to worry about beyond a very slight obstacle that I’m sure you can overcome even without our help. In addition to this, we will also tell you how to find and open:

  • Safes :no closure will resist us.
  • Padlocks :we show you the location of all lockers and closed boxes.
  • Puzzle of the jewels and the monument :we show you the location of these stones to get hidden rewards.
  • Metro route puzzle :we show you how to order the buttons on the panel in the metro control room.
  • Puzzle of the Virus T vaccine :we explain how to successfully achieve the synthesis of the vaccine in the laboratories of NEST 2.

All collectibles and their location

Our collectibles section will help you get 100% of the game. It turns out that we have a lot of things to collect, so here we want to help you with:

  • Charlie :we show you the location of the 20 big heads.
  • Documents :There are 56 files that we can get to know more about the game.
  • Waist Bags :Get them to expand the space of your inventory.

Key objects and keys

For the clumsy ones, here we will show you how to get and use the key objects scattered throughout the game. Keys, jewelry, tools, lockpicks, cards … no door will resist if you know what it takes to make it yield to your progress.


The game has its own challenge system, Merits . By completing them, you will earn points to unlock bonuses, as well as different game designs and 3D models. Completing them all also guarantees you get Platinum or 1,000 G of the game.


In the In -Game Store , unlocked once the game is over, you can shop from Defense Items to Weapons with Infinite Ammo . Since, to be able to get them, you will have to consume points , here we are also going to tell you how to get thousands of points quickly . We have also dedicated a space to tell you about all the costumes to unlock.

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Frequent questions

  • Difficulty levels :we detail how all the game’s difficulties are unlocked and what challenges each one offers.
  • Dodge Perfect :This installment introduces a new mechanic to accurately evade zombies, here’s how it works.
  • Herb and Gunpowder Combinations –Don’t miss out on all the combinations you can achieve to deal with dangers.
  • Editions :if you are thinking of buying the game here you have information about each of the available editions.
  • Platforms :we will tell you in which video game consoles you can play this title.
  • News and changes :we detail everything new that this Remake version of the 1999 classic offers.
  • Project Resistance :If you are passionate about multiplayer modes, you will be interested to know the details about the RE3 Remake multi.
  • Do you have Mercenaries mode? : Itwas one of the original’s iconic game modes, but does this Remake rescue it? Here we answer it.
  • When does it take place chronologically? :This installment is intimately tied to RE2 in its plot, didn’t you know?
  • How long does it last? : Weanalyze the duration of the story of this installment and how the difficulties affect it.
  • How many endings does it have? :the 1999 original had several endings and epilogues, here we talk about what this Remake does with them.
  • Differences between RE2 Remake and RE3 Remake. – Wecompared and analyzed the changes from the latest modern remakes of the franchise.
  • Requirements on PC :If you plan to play it on PC, here is the list of minimum and recommended specifications.


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