Resident Evil 3 (2021);How to Beat Nightmare and Hell

Before you start a campaign on Nightmare and Hell difficulty levels, here are some tips to tell you what changes to expect and what to buy in the bonus store

After completing Resident Evil 3 on Hardcore, a new mode will become available – Nightmare . Here, in the old locations, Jill will be waiting for new enemies, plus the location of non-plot items (cartridges, boxes, medicinal sprays) will change. By the way, the fourth level of difficulty is not the last one. Immediately after the “Nightmare” a new mode opens – ” Hell “. In fact, these two difficulties are very similar: the maximum differs from the previous one in the absence of autosaves, some ammunition, first-aid kits, and the higher damage that enemies inflict (plus they attack faster). In this guide, we have prepared basic tips for completing Resident Evil 3 on the highest difficulties.

What’s changing on Nightmare and Hell?

City center

  • Before exiting the metro, you will find a revolver (magnum). The first cartridges for it can be picked up at the toy store.
  • There will be several times more common zombies and ghouls with the Ne-alpha parasite. Especially in front of the diner (regular) and in the metro office building (Ne-alpha).
  • The boxes are changing their location. Now you can only have two boxes (at the dead end with the corpse of the UBCS operative and in the pharmacy).
  • Watch out for the Ne-alpha parasites behind the fences. They die with one bullet, but if you don’t finish them off in time, they will finish you off.
  • At the first meeting with Nemesis it is best to “drop” it, because on the way back you will meet a large number of undead.
  • When you restore power and set the train route, on the way back in front of the diner, zombies (Ne-alpha) will start falling from the train tracks. In the alley between the toy store and the subway entrance, the same story awaits you. Just don’t stop.


  • In addition to the standard sewer enemies, Gamma Hunters, as soon as you pick up a grenade launcher, zombies with Ne-alpha parasites will attack you.

Police station

  • In the first corridor, in addition to several zombies, you will meet a slime.
  • When you find the key to the locker room, there will be two slimes waiting for you on the first floor. One can be lured to you and killed, being next to the stairs. Stun the second with a flash drive and finish off.
  • Several pale-headed mobs (mobs from the laboratory that have regeneration) will appear in the shower.
  • In front of the STARS office, in addition to the lizun, the passage is guarded by two pale-headed ones with Ne-alpha parasites on their heads (they will die from one fragmentation grenade).


  • First room after reception. There used to be a crowd of zombies here, but now a slimer is waiting.
  • When you pick up the key from the locker room and go up to the second floor again, the Beta Hunter will immediately attack you.
  • After receiving the ID-pass, all corpses in the next room will revive.
  • At the Nurses’ Station, in addition to the zombies in the ward, a slime is sitting right in front of the safe.


  • Remember the place after the first fuse found, where Jill was attacked by two dogs? There is now a Gamma Hunter in a container to the left of the stairs.
  • The second fuse in the container has no zombies. Instead, the dogs will run out of the container with the Gamma Hunter.
  • Not far from the third fuse, a Beta Hunter is attacking you. Except this time after you pick up the key item.

Laboratory NEST-2

  • Some pale-headed ones are now infested with Ne-alpha parasites. Large numbers of idle corpses now stand up when Jill approaches.
  • When you get the second vaccine ingredient, five Beta Hunterswill attack you downstairs .

Final battle

  • Several times more pink bubbles appear on Nemesis’ body.
  • The boss is more actively using attacks from which you have to dodge. Sometimes it comes to the point that Nemesis performs attacks one after another. This is where the combat guide comes in handy.
  • When the pink bubbles are destroyed, much more acid splashes out, which can injure the heroine.

Bonus items


As you progress through Resident Evil 3 Remake, you will unlock various game records. For each such achievement, a certain amount of bonus points will be credited to your account, which you can spend on various items in the bonus store.

Name Description Price
STARS equipment Jill’s outfit she wore during the Mansion Incident. 2000 pts.
Recovery coin Restores health over time. 4000 pts
Iron Defense Coin Increases defense significantly. 4000 pts
Assault coin Significantly increases attack power. 4000 pts
Creation reference Increases the amount of ammo gained upon crafting. 4000 pts
STARS Combat Guide Physical tricks like the perfect dodge become easier to perform. 6400 pts.
Lock pick With this tool, a skilled burglar can pick ordinary locks. 2800 pts.
Bolt cutter A tool for cutting chains, metal cables and other thin metal. 2800 pts.
Hip bag A belt bag that can carry more items. 4800 pts.
HOT DOGGER [Weapon] An experimental Umbrella knife that literally sets its victim on fire. 7200 pts.
Samurai Blade [Weapon] Beretta 9mm, customized by Jill. It has exceptional precision and power. 5600 pts.
RAI-DEN [Weapon] A single-shot energy weapon developed by Umbrella. Deals huge damage to enemy vulnerable spots. When used elsewhere, it is useless. 12000 pts.
MUP Infinity Pistol [Weapon] 16-round pistol with high accuracy and endless ammunition. 8000 pts.
CQBR Infinity Assault Rifle [Weapon] An assault rifle with a medium magazine and infinite ammo. 28400 pts.
Infinity Rocket Launcher [Weapon] A recoilless grenade launcher that does more damage than the explosion itself. 62400 pts.

The best items for “Nightmare” and “Hell”

  • STARS Combat Guide. It is not so easy to dodge even the first form of Nemesis. If you want Jill to get better at dodging the boss, then purchase this guide and place it in your inventory. It is important to understand that the bonus will help you easily dodge not only the big guy, but also any opponent in the game.
  • Hip bag. It will be necessary when passing the game at high difficulty levels (above “Hardcore”). With its help, you can expand your inventory right from the start, thereby saving time on collecting items. Perfect for those who want to complete the game and get a high rank (for example, to S rank).
  • Samurai blade. The best pistol in the game. Possesses immense power and exceptional precision. Alas, the pistol modules found during the passage will not be suitable for improving this weapon.
  • Attack coin. Allows you to inflict critical damage to both ordinary ghouls and Hunters. If you have two such coins in your inventory, you are guaranteed to kill zombies with two headshots from the Samurai Blade pistol.
  • Iron Defense Coin. Significantly reduces incoming damage. Even if you missed the boss hit several times, with two coins, the damage to health will be minimal. Do not neglect these items: during the passage on difficulty above “Hardcore”, the heroine will need two hits or bites to complete her escape from Raccoon City ahead of schedule.
  • Recovery coin. This item will help restore health if it is just in the inventory. Honestly, there is no point in always carrying such coins with you (and especially for battles with bosses – a waste of two inventory slots). These coins can be used in a saveroom to regenerate health and save some herbs or a first aid kit.
  • Creation reference. Increases the amount of ammunition received upon creation, and is more useful when passing the maximum difficulty level of “Hell”. As we said, in this mode you will find a lot less ammo. In turn, you will find as much gunpowder and explosives as always. There is no need to carry the guide with you: when you find the right amount of gunpowder or explosives, return to the chest, place the guide in your inventory and create the necessary ammunition.

How to quickly earn bonus points?

In the “Records” section, you can track the achievements for which you will receive points. The first ~ 10,000 points can be earned very simply: just complete the game on any difficulty level. You will definitely unlock a dozen different achievements. But after that, to get the next achievements you will have to get a little confused.


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