Resident Evil 2 Remake: How to escape Tyrant Mr. X and prevent him from chasing you

The Tyrant, also known as Mr. X It is a type of creature resulting from the infection of Virus T, raised to its maximum exponent. What you have in front of you is the T-00, part of the T-103 Mass Tyrants production line. As with Nemesis , it is a “super zombie” that chases the target everywhere until he is killed . Only in the case of Mr X, he takes the form of a giant lord with an indestructible raincoat and who walks very slowly from which we will have to escape.

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At any given point in the game, depending on whether you play Scenario A or Scenario B , it will appear and haunt you everywhere , so you better know exactly how to avoid it and how it behaves.

Can Tyrant Mr. X be Killed?

If what you’re looking for is if you can kill in a conventional manner , the answer is a resounding no . We can only defeat Mr X as part of the story in both a new game and a new game2 once we get the anti-tank missile launcher with Leon. With Claire, he will simply stop appearing to us once we reach a certain point in history.


When does it appear and how can I prevent it from chasing you?

The Tyrant first makes an appearance at different points in your progress through the Commissariat, depending on whether you are playing New Game or New Game 2 . Then it will appear obligatorily in a series of points and, in addition, if it sees you, hears a shot or a noise, it will chase you through all the rooms .

  • Attentive to the sound of his footstepsand the one he makes when opening doors. It is easy to identify and you can try to hide until danger passes.
  • If he doesn’t see you, he won’t chase you. For example, if you are in the library and you hear her, but she does not have a direct line of sight towards you, that is, there are shelves in between, she will not chase you.
  • It cannot “teleport”. That is, if you just gave him a corner, to say the least, in the west corridor of the police station and you have slipped through the window of the Operations Room, if you run towards the Dark Room he will have to go all the way to get to you It will not just appear from the top of the stairs, to say the least.
  • If you listen to how the music changes, he has seen you.
  • When he sees you, he will walk faster, but he never runs.
  • He will always (or almost) start hitting with his right fist, so he tries to dodge it by surrounding him on his left.
  • You can’t kill him. You can temporarily stun it by shooting it in the head (the coat is bulletproof).
  • It is neither hostile to nor attacked by other enemies. Don’t try to get his attention down the hall with Lickers, for example. It’s no use.
  • Does not enter secure rooms. If there is a trunk and a typewriter in a room, the Tyrant will not enter. However, if he knows you’re out there, he’ll hang around for a while.

Places where it appears mandatory

As we indicated before, apart from chasing you, it appears in mandatory points depending on whether you play in New Game or New Game 2 , and it also depends on your character.

New game

  • With both characters, the first appearance will be when you put out the fire of the burning helicopter and go across the hall.
  • With Claire, you will meet it again when you put the key card to leave the garage. It will chase you until you get off the main street. It will disappear from the game as soon as you enter the sewers .
  • With Leon, you will meet him when you go out of the cell area, after taking the key card from the garage. It will appear in the hallway that is not full of zombies.
  • With Leon, it won’t reappear until you get to the Lab. It will appear when you pick up the chip from the lab and at the end of the game, after going down the ladder next to the giant plant with the countdown.

New Game 2

Here is a trick related to his first appearance, which will allow you to avoid it for most of the time you are at the police station.

Thanks to the differences in this game , you can move much more freely from the beginning. Whatever you do, do n’t go down the hallway on the second floor west past the STARS Office door . That is the trigger of its appearance. So you can take the lion and unicorn medal , place them on the statue, and then go for the detonator and battery .

When you go to pick up the maiden’s medal it will appear , so move the shelf that locks the door to the library so you can escape through it as soon as you pick it up. This will make you avoid him completely during your first pass through the building. Since, except for the rooms where the electrical components are, you can visit almost all the rooms before putting the medallions, it will not pose a great threat when you look for them.


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