How to reset licenses on PlayStation 4 and what it is for – Help

Do you have more PlayStation 4 in your home and have you ever found annoying padlocks with a dubious origin on the digital copy of a game in your possession? Are you getting an error that makes it impossible to restore licenses on PlayStation 4? Do not despair, with this tutorial we explain how to solve the problem and, above all, what it is.

A lock makes it impossible for me to open the application. What is it about?

That lock represents the inability of the PlayStation 4 system to read and verify that your account is licensed to start the application. This can happen at any time for any errors (which will be promptly removed if you are connected to the internet), but in particular it occurs when the licenses of your games purchased on the PlayStation Store are shared with another device. When using two PlayStation 4s, perhaps to move quickly from one location to another, there is a sort of conflict of information that generates a bit of confusion in reading the licenses .

The lock icon will appear continuously every time the console is started and then disappear after a few seconds, this if you are sharing your account with a second console and when the latter is deactivated as the main system. If the unpleasant icon remains even minutes after the system has started, the licenses must be restored.

What is license recovery and how do i do it?

Restoring licenses is a refresh, a request to our PlayStation 4 to reread (forcibly) the licenses in our possession in real time, so that it automatically ensures that we have purchased what we are unable to start . To perform a license reset – an action that we recommend only if there are problems with starting the content downloaded from the PlayStation Store – just go to the Settings icon from the console dashboard, go to Account Management and press Reset licenses. Updating the licenses will close all applications in use and may take a few minutes. Right now your licenses are probably being checked.

I can’t restore my licenses. What can I do?

If resetting your licenses does not solve the problem with one or more applications, the only solution left is to contact Sony support . If attempts to restore a specific license fail, Sony’s policies provide (in exceptional cases and not better outlined, unfortunately) a full refund of the now inaccessible license. Even in the event of an error during recovery, there is no need to worry; in the most extreme cases we suggest deactivating one of the main PlayStation 4 and then reconstructing the database from the PlayStation 4 Safe Mode, a procedure that requires a little more time, but which will almost certainly solve the problem.


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