Requirements to start monetizing a YouTube channel

You have been creating content for YouTube for a while and you have asked the platform to start monetizing your videos, however, after some time this still does not happen. To speed up the review and monetization process for a YouTube channel, read on!

To monetize videos from YouTube channels , the platform asks you to meet a series of requirements before proceeding to review if you are a candidate to monetize or not.

If you meet each of the requirements and the channel is still under review, here are some types to speed up the process and start making money with your content on the platform.

Requirements to start monetizing a YouTube channel

As mentioned above, YouTube asks that your channel meet a series of requirements in order to start monetizing it. This to avoid fraudulent activities and junk content on the platform.

You must bear in mind that this process does not alter other functions, such as advancing or rewinding YouTube videos with Android , among others.

The main requirements that must be met to be able to generate money with a YouTube channel is to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of reproduction in the last year.

In addition, it is essential to have an AdSense account linked to YouTube. This is the tool that will allow you to generate income. It is managed by Google and is responsible for introducing the ads that are best suited to the audience for which you create content.

Likewise, you must bear in mind that your videos cannot contain material that violates YouTube’s policies because it will automatically be demonetized, and may incur errors and have your account on the platform closed.


How long does it take to review the monetization request?

When all the requirements are met, YouTube will review your channel’s activity. This process can take at least one month, and can be extended another month in case you breach any rule of the platform, which would proceed to a manual review of it.

If after the review there are still doubts about the activity of your channel, this time could be extended for another month, since the technicians will have to review all the history and content of it manually.

If after three months you still do not receive information about your monetization request, you can always go to the YouTube forum where, in a period of three days, an expert will answer your questions.

Tips to speed up the review and monetization process of a YouTube channel

To reduce the waiting time to a minimum and be able to speed up the review and monetization process of a YouTube channel, you should follow this series of tips.

1. Put all the information in the video description

It takes YouTube technicians a long time to check the provenance of the material you have used to create your video. So to facilitate their work and speed up the process, it is best to put all the sources of the content used in the description of the video.

2. Different and original content

To speed up the review and monetization process for a YouTube channel, you must create quality content that adds value to users.


Original content with good storytelling and artwork is more likely to be monetized than content that is just a sequence of photos with background music.

Following everything perfectly and knowing the current dynamics, you can even earn money with YouTube as a minor , as long as the activities uploaded are under the magnifying glass of the established regulations.

3. Avoid voice distortion programs

The best thing is to be the one who narrates the videos. If you use voice distortion software, technicians are more likely to treat it as bot-generated videos.

When investigating whether this is so or not, the experts may take some time, which would delay the review process. So it is recommended that a real voice is projected in the content. In this way, you can speed up the review and monetization process of a YouTube channel.


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