Repainting a car: how much it costs

The paint of the car is the most prone to damage over time and for this reason it may be necessary to repaint . There are several factors that affect the price, let’s see which ones.

Why repaint the car

It is always nice when you enter the car showroom and see your favorite car under the bright lights that make it even more sparkling and attractive than it is. The first thing that stands out to the eye is the paint which, unfortunately, once it leaves the dealer will inexorably begin to be exposed to all those factors that can ruin it.

Contrary to what one might think, painting does not perform a purely aesthetic function, far from it. Obviously the color plays its part, especially when special paints are used, but in the first place this performs a protective function of the car.

Thanks to the paint, in fact, the bodywork and the sheets are separated from the outside world and from all the factors that can ruin them. They are in fact very delicate pieces that with the influence of atmospheric agents and more can easily be damaged and therefore cause irreparable damage to the car.

Rain, hail, cold and humidity are among the atmospheric agents that consume the painting the most, but other dangers such as a door, an accident or a simple scratch should not be excluded. If the damage is so profound that all layers of paint have been removed, part of the bodywork can remain exposed, favoring the formation of rust. Therefore, never underestimate paint imperfections.

Obviously, the repainting can also be done only if you want to revise the vehicle as in the glories of a time you just bought or simply if you want to change color, nothing prevents you from doing so (provided of course you update the registration certificate).

Finally, don’t forget that painting affects the value of the car , so it can be a great investment if you decide to sell your car as used.

Costs of painting

The price list of a painting is very varied, it can range from a few hundred euros up to several thousand euros. There are several factors that contribute to the price, let’s see what they are.

First of all, it depends on the type of paint you want to apply to your car. There are different types of paint you can apply.

There are those provided by the parent company (which generally will have a slightly higher cost) or compatible products can be used. Beyond the brand, the type of color influences . The simplest colors are called single layer glazes. It’s a simple paint job that doesn’t take too long. Simply put a new single layer of enamel over the original varnish and let it dry; an economic procedure.

The most common type of work, on the other hand, includes the use of the colors of the parent company , in most cases metallic or shiny. In this case the work consists of two phases which are finish and color, and then the sealant impact is also inserted to absorb this type of painting.

The third type of paint available is premium, which in most cases are pearlescent colors . Here the cost is much higher, because these are more complex mixtures than a glossy or metallic paint. Such paints often also include a function of protecting the car against external factors and last much longer than other types. They are usually found on high-end cars.

The second factor to consider when painting is the size of the car and which parts need to be repainted. For example, a Smart requires a smaller amount of product unlike a sedan or station wagon. Larger cars require more manpower from the painter and therefore significantly longer times. The difference in price in fact between one car and another is not justified so much by the amount of paint as by the labor that is required to apply that color.

In reference to the types of paint available, premium colors and polishes require much more processing than single glazes, actually asking for a higher price.

Secondly, it has to be seen whether the car needs to be fully or partially painted. If it’s just a mirror, the prices will be lower. In addition, it must be seen if the repainting is only external or also the internal parts.

To repaint the internal parts it takes a lot more manpower, because in addition to all the preliminary work the car must also be disassembled and then reassembled.

Finally, do not fail to consider other ancillary work that must be carried out, such as a work of sanding the layers of paint and the repair of any damage (such as a dent or a scratch) on the body itself that required the intervention.

The last step that changes the price are the guarantees offered with the service. Generally on the highest quality paints, which require more work, several years of warranty and ancillary services are offered.

Costs to repaint a car

Now that we have seen all the factors for repainting a car, how much are we actually talking about? Prices range from around € 800 to € 3000 for most of the works. Consider having a small car completely repaint with a single polish. Here the price will be contained, and will move between € 500 and € 800, including guarantees. A more accurate work, on the other hand, with glossy paints, urethane and glue, on the other hand, make the price go up a lot, up to touches of 2000 €. Finally, if you decide to use a premium get ready to spend € 3000 upwards. For example, on a high-end Audi to repaint completely with the colors of the parent company you could spend over € 7,000.

As you can see, the prices are very varied therefore always compare the offers of the various body builders, because each one will have a different price list, products and guarantees, in order to have a complete picture. However, avoid shoddy work ‘done just for’, because in a few years you will have problems again and have to redo your shopping.


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