Remine Shine Therapy 2x board: is it good? Break the wires?

Having a smooth salon even at home is most people’s dream, right? The 2x Remington Shine Therapy Board came to revolutionize the use of plates. 

Because it is not a conventional flat iron, it promotes a true treatment for the hair, leaving it smooth and with a progressive effect, without the use of chemicals. That’s right after washing. 

It offers several benefits, in addition to being ready to use in 30 seconds. Bleeza tested the product and tells everything about it in the review!

What is the 2x Remington Shine Therapy Board?

The 2x Remington Shine Therapy Board is a flat iron manufactured by Remington and marketed by Polishop, suitable for all types of hair, including fine, bulky and curly. 

It has ceramic plates coated with nanoparticles of avocado and macadamia oil, rich in vitamin E, which penetrate the cuticles and promote ultra-hydration to the hair. 

The floating plates fit perfectly to the desired lock, dispensing with excessive pressure, avoiding marks and damage to the locks. 

The board slides easily, has a led display with digital temperature control and lock lock. It reaches a professional temperature of up to 230 ° C, leaving hair shiny and smooth, with a progressive effect. 

The 360 ​​° swivel cord allows freedom of movement, in addition to being BIVOLT and convenient to take everywhere


Composed of metallic and plastic material, in addition to containing thin ceramic plates coated with avocado and macadamia oil. 

What is avocado oil for?

Rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, avocado oil has active ingredients that strengthen the strands, making them healthier. 

Ideal for all types of hair, including dry ones, it promotes intense hydration, since it retains water in the hair, besides being a great ally for hair that suffers from chemicals.

Avocado oil leaves the locks soft, shiny and moisturized, it also helps in the resistance of the strands, leaving them healthy and less prone to falling and split ends. 

How long does the avocado oil last on the plates? 

Since it is a household product, it is not recommended to use the flat iron to perform chemical procedures, such as progressive brushes, botox and other types of straightening, since it damages ceramic plates. 

Thus, used only for the function of straightening the hair and not damaging the plates, the avocado oil lasts indefinitely.


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