What is the remedy to overcome the fear of change?

Human challenge: overcoming fear of change

The contemporary world has become a veritable avalanche of transformations that are arriving at increasing speeds, or rather, there is an accelerated process of changing times. Changes for the better and also, regrettably, for the worse, as many of them lead humanity to the deteriorations and involutions that represent a waste of opportunities at a time with so many possibilities. At the heart of this contradiction, the human challenge remains: overcoming the fear of change, which paralyzes and prevents the necessary advances.

This fear supports hegemonic idolatries with tones of perversity, leads to misperceptions of reality. It makes the other perceive, the different as an enemy, stimulating a belligerent dynamic, marked by merciless attacks. Aggressions that are manifested frequently in the propagation of lies, interpreted as truths, in the different contexts where the inability for qualified discernment prevails. Favorable environment for those who use slander to hide their own limitations, disqualifying other people. Instead of changing and growing, many rely on lies and attacks to diminish who is different.

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It appears, therefore, that the fear of change is the ghost of the imagination of those who, even unconsciously, know of their own incompetence to achieve achievements and recognition. A feeling that imprisons individuals – consequently, institutions and social segments – in the parameters of mediocrity. The solution and the big challenge is to overcome this fear. And only the openness to reconfigure itself will allow people to evolve, reach new intuitions and develop promising projects.

Opening up to new possibilities does not mean “changing for changing”. What must be sought is the lucidity that allows us not to ignore new answers to the many problems still without an adequate solution. This requires overcoming complacency and ignorance, overcoming fears that hurt the capacity for proper discernment. This fear in the face of the possibility of change imprisons, prevents the adequate experience of citizenship and spirituality. It prevents the opening of a new era, which results in a lack of commitment to community life.

Thus, time and opportunities are lost, as investments in obsolete processes continue to produce losses and delays. And even in the face of developments in the different fields of knowledge, in the area of ​​education, health and communication, there are many examples of situations of poverty, which should have been overcome. An example is the frightening increase in epidemics with the return of diseases already considered eradicated, the result of neglect, irresponsible exploitation of the environment, the chaos that is installed in society from illicit enrichment schemes. These evils increase insecurity in people’s hearts, even among those who live in false tranquility because they have accumulated many goods.

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All of this, combined with the growing violence, the lack of respect for others and the environment, in the end, contributes to the fading of the joy of living. And the scientific progress experienced today is not enough to put the world on the path of peace and to frame societies within the parameters of integral development. Consequently, the economy of exclusion, the idolatry of money and social inequality prevail, preventing the world from becoming more just, supportive and fraternal.

There is therefore an urgent need to overcome the fear of change. And the time of Lent is an opportunity to courageously face any fear of experiencing a personal transformation. When talking about the need for structural and conjunctural reforms in society, it must be admitted that the starting point is to reconfigure the most hidden part of the soul and conscience of each individual. And a fruitful spiritual experience offers each person the opportunity to renew themselves.

From the mastery of the heart of Jesus, the central invitation for changes in human interiority is born, which brings together many skills, gifts of the Creator, but becomes weakened by sin. The remedy for not being afraid to change is to accept, without justification and delay, the invitation to an authentic conversion. A decision that requires humility to recognize and overcome one’s own limits and the wrong choices. A necessary step to experience the joy of being good and always doing good, precisely because you are not afraid to change.


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