What is the Relationship between Self-Improvement and Sense of Giving Up?

Everyone wants to make improvements in themselves and have a better change in life. They are competing to find out about “what self-improvement can I do in life?” People began to find out about this through self-improvement articles in order to get self-improvement ideas that they could apply everyday. But, wait a minute. What is meant by self-improvement? Self-improvement is an increase that occurs in the status, position, role, position, personality, or level of education that we have and comes from the business that we run. Another understanding of self-improvement is an increase in the status, thoughts, or abilities of a person, and of course all the increase occurred because of his own efforts. So,


Then, what if there is someone who feels hopeless and wants to give up in his life? Is the individual still able to do self-improvement in his life? Hopelessness is a feeling that makes us think that there is no hope we can get in life. Meanwhile, surrender is a condition where someone does not want to make any more effort to pursue life goals or do something meaningful in his life. Both are feelings and attitudes that are not appropriate for us to do.


What do we need to do when we feel like giving up?

As humans, we have a mind and mind that makes it easy for us to keep trying and struggling in life. Therefore, someone who feels hopeless and wants to give up in his life, still has to do self-improvement everyday so they can get ideas and self-improvement plans that are right for his life. According to the everyday power dot com website, there are 7 self-improvements that we must apply in life, especially when we feel like giving up. Curious? Come on, consider the following explanation.


1. Don’t Give Up! Restart Life with the Right Plan.

Maybe our previous plans have failed, but that does not mean thousands of other plans will lead us to the same failure. Failure is a normal thing, in fact it is very natural. Try to ask this question to successful people you know, “Have you ever experienced failure before?” We are 100% sure that they will answer “Of course I have”. Why so? Yes, if a person never fails, his name is never trying or not trying anything in his life.


The presence of failure in life does not mean we have to give up, right? Try now to rise from adversity and begin your life again with new plans. If we are dealing with tasks or problems that are so heavy, try to divide the task or problem solving into several steps that we can manage. When we make measurable completion steps, we will find it easier to review the extent of our position with the expected goals.


It is true that there will always be worry, fear, anger or frustration. However, suppose that all those feelings will always come as small obstacles in our lives. Not that all the obstacles can hamper our steps to keep moving forward. So keep up the good work!


2. Realize What Are Our Strengths and Weaknesses in Any Situation.

Having a strong self-awareness will help us to be able to face any problems and challenges in life. Small or big problems, difficult or mild challenges, everything will not be a problem for us.


When your fellow readers feel like giving up, try to take a deep breath and rethink what your strengths and weaknesses are? Fellow readers may be able to ask this to the people closest, but still the best know our weaknesses and strengths better and in only ourselves, not others.


If your fellow readers still feel like giving up, let us say something to you, try listening carefully. “Dear fellow readers, you are an AMAZING person!” Yep! That’s a reality. So, from now on don’t want to be weakened with problems or challenges that come into your life.


Direct all the difficulties of our lives to become strengthens that make us even more powerful in conquering the world. Realize that everyone has difficulties in their lives. In fact, Superman and Wonder woman have also experienced problems! But, you are you. Only fellow readers have the power to solve all problems by maximizing strengths and covering the shortcomings of fellow readers. Keep your spirits up!


3. Take Time to Re-Evaluate Our Life Purpose.

There are times when we feel passionate about the purpose of life that we have. However, there are also times when we feel that what we are doing is just in vain, or we feel that our struggle will not be able to lead us to our intended goals.


Not infrequently these conditions will make us feel like giving up and despair. Proverbial, “Why should I struggle to pursue the goal of life that I want, if in the end it’s all like in vain?” We remind you again, that feeling is a natural thing faced by almost everyone.


However, fellow readers have other alternatives to go ahead and fight rather than just lament the circumstances of the existing fate. Look for a trusted mentor, someone we value and believe that he can help us achieve our desired goals. Invite them to help us re-evaluate the goals that have been made and help us to stay focused on the tasks that we want to complete.


Zig Ziglar once said this, “If you help many people to get what they want, then you will get what you expect”. From this statement, we can instill positive assumptions in ourselves that, “The goals that I have are very important, because the purpose of my life will benefit many people. Therefore, I must keep the spirit in achieving it “. By instilling these assumptions, we will feel more eager to move forward and achieve our life goals again .


4. Understand that Inspiration and Motivation are Two Different Things.

When we feel like giving up, we often feel that we are in need of motivation in order to get up and get excited again. To the extent, we will buy a few books that contain motivational words or read articles that include motivational quotes from successful people. Never mind, that’s a good step!


However, one thing we need to understand here is that between motivation and inspiration are two different things. In short, motivation is an encouragement that is temporary or only applies to the short term (short-term). Meanwhile, inspiration is a long-term encouragement.


So when a fellow reader feels sad and wants to give up, then your coworker tries to encourage, then the fellow reader might feel excited again at that time. However, keep in mind that this will not happen for a long time. Therefore, we need to have another encouragement that can excite our lives in the long run, namely, inspiration.


Through inspiration, we will have “reasons” why we need to do the things we are doing now and why we need to pursue the goals of life that we expect. A strong inspiration is like having a good reason to move forward and forget about giving up.


5. Don’t sweat the small and trivial things.

Often the feeling of wanting to give up that we experience is due to small things that are trivial and trivial. Yet by not thinking too much about it, we will never experience the feeling of wanting to give up on life. First of all, we must believe that “I am a strong person and small problems are not at all appropriate for me to worry about!”


We will never feel the peace of life, if we always worry about small and trivial things. Try the fellow reader to realize again that you are someone who is very great and valuable, so the small problems are not worthy of your fellow readers to think about. So, from now on we need to put our focus on things that are far more important and say good bye to trivial little things, OK!


6. Surround ourselves with positive people.

One of the things that keeps us motivated and motivated is to surround ourselves with people who have a positive influence. That is why we need to avoid toxic individuals who have a bad influence on our lives. Why? Because people like that will only make us more confident to surrender.


Being around positive people will help us to move forward and be more enthusiastic in pursuing existing life goals. Every time we want to give up, they will try to motivate and inspire us again. There are always things that make us excited and grateful . Life is indeed difficult, but dealing with it seriously is the key to success that keeps us from wanting to give up. Believe me, that positive aura will be contagious. So, from now on we choose positive people who are entitled to exist in our lives.


7. From now on, Focus on “Results” NOT on “Processes”. 

The problem is, many of us always think that “Results are not important, what is important is the process”. However, it turns out that principle is not quite right, colleagues. A difficult process will make us give up and think that we will never be able to achieve the expected goals. Meanwhile, if we focus on results, then no matter how difficult the conditions in the process, we will always be eager to move forward and achieve the desired results. By using this new principle, we will become strong individuals and not give up easily even though the process we need to go through is very complicated.


Yep, that’s 7 self-improvement that we can apply from now on. If your fellow readers feel like giving up, don’t delay yourself in applying the 7 self-improvements above. Good luck, Career Advice colleagues.

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