Regular exercise improves sperm quality parameters

Exercise is good for health, improves mood, but it also has a significant impact – it’s good for sperm!

New research has shown that men who exercise regularly have healthier sperm than those who don’t!

For the purposes of this research, scientists have taken sperm samples from hundreds of men who are sperm donors.

It turns out that all of them have a healthy level of sperm, that the shape and size of sperm are good, but also quite mobile, which is important for the conception of ovarian cells.

However, those who trained more also had sperm motility, the study found.

“Regular exercise improves the sperm quality parameters of healthy men, who have no problem with conception,” said study co-author Dr. Yi-Xin Wang from Wuhan University College of Medicine.

Although it is definite that exercise has a good effect on sperm, scientists still cannot say how much exercise men should do, nor what type of exercise is best for optimal sperm health.

Of course, physical activity also helps maintain a healthy body weight, which is very important for sperm health, says urologist dr. Ali Dabaja.

“If you have a lot of body fat, you will also have a lot of oxidative stress on the body,” said the urologist.

So exercise is not a cure for infertility, but if you want to have babies while not having a health problem with fertility, regular exercise can increase your chances of getting it.

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