Red doors in COD Warzone: How to find them

We show you what they are and what they are for the mysterious red doors that have appeared in Verdansk in Season 4 of COD Warzone. In addition, we show you a map with their possible locations.


  1. What are red doors and what are they for?
  2. How to find the red doors? (Location)

The launch of Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone has brought with it the most interesting news to the game, as usual. Activision has once again included a new mystery in the form of an easter egg on the Verdansk map, this time it is about red doors that players are finding in a lot of different places on the Battle Royale map. What are these doors or what are they for ? Where can they be located? If you also ask yourself this, don’t worry, then in this entry of our complete guide we give you the solution to these unknowns .

What are red doors and what are they for?


The red doors that have started to appear in Call of Duty Warzone since the launch of Season 4 are a new secret that includes the map of Verdansk. Activision announced its implementation as a mystery, but players have quickly got to work to discover what its mission is .

In the image above these lines you can see what the red doors look like to identify them. They are all identical and generally stand out in the environment, so they will catch your eye if you walk in front of one (although depending on the wall, they could go more unnoticed by clueless players).

Here’s what we know about the Warzone Red Doors:

  • These red doors function as a random fast travel systemthroughout the map.
  • Finding one of these doors can open it to quickly teleportto a random point in Verdansk.
  • For now, it has not been possible to track the destinationsof the red doors, that is, whenever you use one you are transported to a random position on the map.
  • However, this trip is worth it since when you go through a red door you always appear in a room with specialhigh-level loot .

So while the Red Gates Fast Travel may transport you to a random location on the map, it is surely worth the trip as you will end up in a stall with loads of loot to aid you in your goal of winning the game. . The equipment found in these rooms is similar to what is inside the bunkers ; Legendary Chests, Rare or Epic Weapons, Ammo, Point Streaks, and more.

How to find the red doors? (Location)

If you are interested in taking advantage of the fast travel system of the red doors and their high-level loot rooms, then you may be wondering where you can find them on the map. Actually this is a somewhat complex question. It should be mentioned that the red doors always appear in random positions on the map. That is to say, in each game they change places , so you will not find them all the time safely in the same place.

It is also known that when a player uses and passes through one of these red doors, the door closes for the rest of the players in the current game. Therefore you will have to be quick and have some luck to be able to use a red door.

Still, we have good news. The gaming community has been able to find several locations on the map where these red doors can appear. If you want to find them, try visiting one of the following 9 places that you can see on this map:

The possible locations of the red doors are:

  • In the central Summit building.
  • In the old mine southwest of Summit.
  • Stairs upstairs at the southwestern end of the building north of the Salt Mine.
  • In the large building at the southwest end of Salt Mine.
  • Inside the fully built plane in the Factory.
  • Inside the plane that is half built located in Factory.
  • At the marker on the west side of Stadium.
  • Under the commentary box at the south end of Stadium.
  • On the second floor of the Nakatomi Plaza.

Remember that the red doors are generated in some of these different locations in each game, it is not guaranteed to find them.

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