Recover Photos from Android SD Card

Many Android devices offer the option to extend the device memory by using an SD memory card . This SD card is a kind of SIM card that once inserted into the appropriate slot allows you to increase the storage capacity of the device and to be able to save all the files you want on it: photos, videos, documents, and so on. Unfortunately all the data saved on the SD card is not 100% safe because there are cases where (by mistake or due to failure of the SD card) the data could be deleted. Apart from this scenario there are also other unfavorable situations which can cause data loss, e.g. photos, from SD card-

Loss of SD card : If you lose your SD, you can say goodbye to your precious memories (unless you have previously made a backup, even on cloud like Google Photos or Dropbox)

Damaged SD card: SD cards are very “delicate” and can suffer physical and software damage. For example, if a sudden power failure occurs when an SD card is connected to a PC and data transfer is performed. Software problems such as manufacturing defects can also cause files and photos to be deleted from the SD card. Failure to care for the SD card, such as leaving it in a dusty or humid area, can also cause storage defects that lead to data loss.

Accidental deletion: Photos are often deleted accidentally. Tapping the wrong button or letting your kids play with your phone or tablet can lead to the deletion of very important memories.

The best solution for not losing photos is obviously to prevent. How to prevent? Well, the best thing to do (right now) is to activate an automatic photo backup . Android devices already have a Google Photos app that allows you to do just that. Google Photos is free and gives you unlimited storage for 16 megapixel images. It is usually pre-installed on Android phones. All you need to do is turn on the backup and sync features in the app settings. After that, the app does its work silently in the background.

How to Recover Photos from Android SD Card

But what can you do if you have already deleted some photos from the SD card? Are there any chances of recovering this precious data?

The answer to these questions is yes. The SD memory card, like any storage device, does not permanently remove files (e.g. photos) when they are deleted. This deleted data is just “hidden” waiting to be overwritten by other data and photos. So if you find that you have deleted important photos from your Android mobile’s SD card, the first thing to do is DO NOT take any more photos and do not save any other data on the SD card. Then get software right away to start recovering deleted photos . What software to use? Here are a couple of suggestions.

# 1. Photo recovery from SD card with dr.fone Android

If you want to do a direct recovery of deleted photos from your mobile’s SD card, the best solution is definitely dr. It is a powerful data recovery program that scans the memory of your mobile or SD card to bring back all those deleted but still recoverable files.

This program must be downloaded to your PC first and then you will need to connect the Android device to the PC to recover photos from the SD card. Here is the download link for the free version of dr.fone for Android:

Immediately after installing and launching dr fone you will see this splash screen:

Click on the ” RECOVERY ” function and then a new window will open in which you will be asked to connect the mobile phone to the PC via USB.

In order for the connected Android mobile phone to communicate with the computer and therefore also with the program, it is essential to activate the USB debugging on the phone. It is a very simple thing to do because you just need to go to “Settings”, press “Phone Info” and click on “Version number” several times until a message like ” You are in developer mode ” appears . At this point return to “Settings” click “Developer Options” and search and tap on the  “USB debug” option  to activate it.

Once the mobile phone is detected, from the left of the program select the ” RECOVERY FROM SD Card ” mode

When the SD card is detected by the program, you will see a window like the following. Click ” Next ” to proceed.

The next step will be to decide what type of scan to perform on the SD card. Using Standard Mode, you can choose whether to scan only deleted files or all files on your SD card. The second option is recommended in order to find all possible photos.

By clicking on “Next” the program will start analyzing the SD card and showing all the photos (or videos and audio) found in the memory.

Step 3. Preview and recover data from your SD card selectively

After the scanning process you will be able to preview the photos found and you will be able to choose which ones to save. You can also select everything and click on “Recover” to save them in some folder on your PC.

That’s all. The advantages of using dr.Fone for Android to recover photos from SD card are essentially two:

  1. It allows you to do the recovery directly from the SD card by connecting your mobile to your computer and scanning via dr.Fone
  2. Allows photo recovery even in case of damaged SD card!


#2. Photo recovery from SD card with Recoverit

If you have a computer where there is the slot to insert the SD Card, then you can also use the following method to recover photos. The program to use is called Recoverit and can be downloaded from the following links (PC or Mac):


First download and install this software. Upon startup, the following main screen will appear:

Remove the SD card from your mobile and insert it into the slot on your computer. If there is no such slot, you can use adapters that can be purchased on Amazon for a few euros. Once the SD card is inserted into your computer, from the Recoverit home screen choose the relevant disk and start scanning

Since Recoverit scans the SD card, you will have to wait for the process to complete. If during the scan you see the photos and videos you were looking for, you can stop the scan and proceed with their recovery and saving on your computer.

The good thing about Recoverit is that it also allows you to preview photos found in the SD card memory. In this way you will be able to understand which are the recoverable photos and then proceed with saving only the photos that are not damaged.


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