Rape and our indifferent society and law

So many things have fallen asleep on us. Society seems to have become increasingly senseless. We accept that a child will be raped, a helpless father will go from door to door and sacrifice his daughter without getting justice. There will be no storm of protest anywhere.

We have accepted that a rich rapist has the right to disgrace a woman against her will. Society has accepted that students will lose respect by university teachers, madrasa and school teachers. We accept that ugly hints of rapist men from the workplace to the social and family world are somewhere or girls will continue to be sexually harassed in the attack. But no one will use the word ‘two’ for fear of public shame.

But for the whole society, not a single incident is meaningless. Not an acceptable event. We have to accept that the boundaries of our social norms, principles, values ​​have been broken in the age of aggression of Western culture or Akash culture. We assume that our children will lead the night, drowning in drugs and drugs without a license. What if there is no nightclub? Mujra will be held in a rented flat or second home with a distorted mentality in the power of money.

A society, a generation cannot avoid the responsibility of being endangered. No state can avoid this responsibility. Not just family; Socialists also do not have the opportunity to avoid responsibility. When a society without ideals, without ethics, develops through anarchy and insanity, then things like terrorism, corruption, rape start happening. Values, ideals based society and politics can prevent this kind of injustice.

They say ‘rape’ happens in rural areas, I have seen it happen in cities as well.
They say ‘rape’ is the work of uneducated children, I have seen educated grandparents accused of rape.
They say ‘rape’ is for girls’ clothes, I have seen women wearing sari burqa also raped.
They say ‘rape’ is when girls go out at night and say, I have seen rape during the day.
They say ‘rape’ is when girls go out of the house and say, I saw them break the door and enter the house and rape.
They say ‘rape’ is when girls smoke cigarettes and go to bars; I also saw rape on the way to school and college.
They say ‘rape’ is when girls associate with boys. I have seen girls being raped by their own fathers and grandfathers.
They say girls should be married off early to avoid ‘rape’. How soon? I have seen 4/5 year old children and girls suffering from hunger. Married people have been raped, are being raped and will be raped.
They also say ‘rape’ is because girls want it; He demanded compensation for being raped.
They say ‘rape’ is for war, for riots, for violence of other religious people against other religions, for uneducated laborers / employees coming from different states, for chaumin, for mobiles, for girls’ own will, for watching Hindi movies, for love. , For this, for that. Why don’t we acknowledge that rape is- ‘to satisfy violent sexual hunger, to show sexual authority, for the intense hatred of a vampire walking around in human clothes over a woman’?


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