Raid: Shadow Legends – How to Complete Spider’s Nest

Basic mechanics of the Spider’s Nest dungeon, a description of the battle, tips on how to fight against the Spider, a list of rewards and heroes to form the best “pack”

In Raid: Shadow Legends, you can visit various Dungeons, which are fraught with dangers, but they will certainly generously reward brave heroes. One of these dungeons is called “Spider’s Nest” and is divided into 20 separate rooms. Each new battle will be more difficult than the previous one, but in parallel with this, the prizes will increase. The main thing is that you can knock out in the “Nest of the Spider” – artifacts (armor) to form various sets.

What can be obtained for defeating the Spider

For each room in the Spider’s Nest, you will receive artifacts, experience (in the form of beer), silver, mysterious or ancient shards. At the last level of the Dungeon, if you win, you have a 67.5% chance of knocking out an artifact with 5 stars! There is a 27% chance of dropping an artifact with 6 stars. If we talk about the rarity of these artifacts, then the drop rate is as follows:

  • Rare – 67.5%
  • Epic – 25%
  • Legendary – 7.5%

How to get through the Dungeon and destroy the Spider

As stated above, the Dungeon consists of 20 separate rooms. Each next room will be more difficult than the previous one, while a certain element will be inherent in the spiders and the Spider herself. For example, on the last level, the spiders and the Spider use the Spirit element. Compared to some other Dungeons, there will be no waves of opponents in this one. That is, you immediately fight the Spider, who herself summons the spiders. Therefore, it doesn’t really make sense to use characters with AoE attacks.

Let’s list the main abilities of the Spider:

  1. Exhaustion. This is an AoE attack that hits all of your heroes. On hit, a 70% chance of reducing the hero’s speed scale by 30% is triggered. If the scale is reset to zero, the character will fall asleep for 1 turn. Uses every four turns.
  2. Splashes of poison. This is a basic AoE attack. If the character is under the influence of poison, then the damage taken by him increases by 15%.
  3. Persistent Healingis a passive skill that gives immunity to the healing penalty and reduces damage from poison.
  4. Arachnophobiais another passive ability. Each round, Spiderwoman summons 6 spiders. Two more spiders Spider summons at the beginning of each of your hero’s turns. That is, in one full turn of a team of five heroes, an additional 10 spiders will appear. Spider summons four more spiders at the end of her turn. But there is one condition – there can be no more than 10 spiders on the battlefield at the same time! And that’s not it. Beginning her next turn, the Spider devours any remaining spiders. But she does it every other turn. That is, if it eats it now, it will not devour it next time. Each spider she kills restores Spider 3% of her health and increases her attack level by 10%. Attacking the Spider and Spiders with life stealing artifacts (or skills), you will restore only 35% of the normal number of health points.
  5. Strong immunity. The third passive skill, which gives immunity to various penalties – stun, sleep, freeze, provocation, fear and true fear, block of non-basic skills, exchange health, equalize health and increase cooldown.

The first thing to look at at the beginning of each battle is the basic element used by the Spider and her spiders. Above I wrote that at the last level of the Dungeon, this element is Spirit. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended to use characters with Affinity Magic. On the other hand, you don’t need to knock back heroes with Strength. They are useful for provocation – so that the spiders attack exactly them. Due to such characters, you will help heroes with a good attack, abilities, but low survival rate to withstand.

Despite being immune to almost all crowd control penalties, you can and should influence the Spider’s turn. Therefore, be sure to add to your pack of heroes those who are able to do this. Frozen is able to attack based on maximum health and completely reduce the opponent’s turn scale.

Don’t forget about your speed. Use sets and heroes with skills that increase speed and progress bar. You must use every opportunity to deliver the maximum blows to the Spider before she can walk next time. To increase the damage to the Spider, impose a defense and weakness penalty on her. And strengthen yourself with bonuses of attack, speed and counterattack. And if the poison practically does not work on the Spider, then burning out health is an excellent and important debuff! To strengthen your defense, you need heroes with bonuses to defense and a shield for allies.

Below I have given a list of heroes that are suitable for a trip to the Spider’s Nest:

  • Tyrell
  • Elite Guardsman
  • Despot
  • Lua
  • Cold heart
  • Sinesha
  • Queen Eve
  • Prince of the night
  • Crowned
  • Sylar
  • Bad El Ghazar
  • Netril
  • Rhea
  • Zawiya
  • Lissandra
  • Itos
  • Abbess
  • Cupidus
  • Alura
  • Robar
  • Nazana
  • Ignatius
  • Prince Kymer
  • Big Un


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