R2 Online Assassin Class Guide

Today our conversation will focus on the Assassin class in R2 Online . And tell me honestly, does this character need an introduction? After all, everyone has long known this class, which is firmly registered in all MMO-RPGs . A melee fighter who uses light armor and equally light blades (dual daggers, cathars, and the like), a PvP thunderstorm and the main ganker of all games. Oh yes, since our game is tailored for the “Player versus Player” mode, the Assassin here is one of the most pleasant and comfortable classes. Moreover, he even has several development options, which, however, no longer depend on what skills you use, but on the wearable equipment.

You can praise this class for a long time, but it is better to move on to a more specific conversation. So read our class guide.

The main features of the Assassin class

Sin’s main parameter is Strength, on which the damage he does to enemies depends.

We’ll start with the main parameters. Since our character is a damage dealer, first of all we pump in the Force . This is our everything, because it is she who increases the damage from hits.

Two more parameters that Sin has are Agility and Intelligence . The first increases the chance to dodge a blow (including from a skill), and the second increases the supply of mana, which we spend on skills. How to develop them is up to you.

For Damager, Intelligence will be somewhat more important, and the dodge will develop Dexterity. Although you can always create a combined build.

Now let’s go over the basic skills of the Assassin. Here’s a list:

Runner . The skill can be learned at 10th level. Increases the speed of your movement. The mana cost is low, so keep him active at all times.
Invisibility . Study level – 20th. The same skill that, in many ways, determines the gameplay for this class. Used to surprise the enemy. But remember that there is always a chance to be noticed by the enemy. The chance depends on the level difference between you and your target.

Agility . This skill is also given at level 20. Gives a sensitive boost to your chance to dodge attacks, and greatly increases your survivability. The thing is very useful, perhaps even irreplaceable, and in any build.
Poisoning . We get at the 30th level. The skill deals damage over time, and your opponent will not be able to avoid damage, which is very useful.
Stun . For this skill we need level 40 already. This is a very useful control that will allow you to temporarily remove one of the enemies from the battle. It is especially useful in PvP, although it can be used in PvE as well.
Murder . Also issued at level 40. This skill makes your stealth even more useful. Using it takes you out of stealth mode, but deals massive damage to the enemy. Great to start a fight.
Fatal blow . You will need to pump right up to level 50 to get this skill. It “eats” the lion’s share of your mana, but deals just huge damage to the enemy. One of the most powerful skills in the game.

There is one more thing that every Assassin should remember. Namely -about poisons… They are very useful and can be used in a wide variety of situations. There are several types of poison here. Strong poison gives an increase to damage per hit, simple poison deals damage for a certain time, mandrake poison reduces the speed at which the enemy attacks (very useful in PvP), and tarantula poison reduces the enemy’s movement speed. Poison is acquired in the village of exiles, the very settlement where everyone is allowed, including the most vicious gankers.

Choosing equipment for the Assassin

This class wears light armor and a variety of blades in each hand

Much depends on your level of development. In the early stages, it is better to use equipment that increases dodge. It greatly improves your survival rate, and is easy to obtain due to its low cost. In the future, it is better for a beginner to switch to a classic damage dealer – that is, an “attachment” with an increase in damage, and the rest of the equipment with a dodge. This gives sufficient survivability and high enough damage. Weapons for both are different blades. Finally, the third development option is the Assassin Critical . He specializes in cathars and jamadharas. This weapon is not the most convenient – it does not have a very high hit rate, lower damage per minute, but at the same time a very high crit chance.

If you take equipment that increases the chance of hitting (at an early stage, this will not be available to you, remember this), then you will receive a weapon that can (if a crit works) simply tear your enemy apart.

There are two main options for weapons – blades and kathars with jamadharas… The main advantage of the blades is more stable and higher DPM, coupled with accuracy. Cathars and jamadhars are weaker in all these parameters, but when a crit is triggered, they give a good increase in damage, allowing you to quickly kill your target, which is why they are very often chosen for PvP. But a beginner is better off choosing blades.


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