Questions to know yourself: know yourself

Questions to get to know each other : 15 questions dedicated to you.

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.


This is a very different article from those found on Individual Growth , it is not a traditional post but an introspective experiment completely dedicated to you.

If you are willing to try and give yourself some answers, keep reading, because it will only work if you put in the effort and feel like writing for real.

The exercise consists of a series of strategic questions that you will need to answer in complete sincerity.

The conditions of the experiment

My advice is to take at least half an hour of time to dedicate entirely to yourself, equip yourself with a pen and paper to answer the questions you will read.

If you want to try this experiment, do it all the way, read the questions aloud and write down your answers: answering it out loud or in your head is not enough.

The more sincere the answers, the more results you will have, try to be honest and direct, answer without thinking too much.

So let’s get started, get comfortable with a pad of paper in your hand and try to answer these simple questions.

15 questions to get to know each other

Who are you?
Answer with the first words that come to mind but that are able to define you, even in broad terms.

What would you like to do in life?
Make a small list of the activities you would like to do in your life: hobbies, jobs, and whatever activities you can think of.

What are you doing?
Write what activities you are doing now, then you will compare them with the ones you would like to do.

What habits do you have?
Jot down a quick list of your habits, good and bad, for example: smoking , going to the gym, or writing a journal .

What are you good at?
Write down the activities that you do well without any particular problems, such as writing, playing an instrument, riding a bike.

What would you like that you are missing right now?
One, two important things that you really miss right now.

What are the important things in your life?
Define the important things in your life: work, family, business, people.

What do you want to do with your energy?
You wake up energized and rested in the morning, it’s your day off, how would you like to spend your energy?

Who would you like to be exactly?
Fill in a brief description of the person you would like to be in the future.

Do you know how you should act to make your dreams come true?
If you are aware of your desires and how you must act to achieve them, make a list of the concrete actions that you should take to achieve them.

What is up to you?
What are those actions that can change the world around you? List them specifying what changes they would make in your life.

What can you do in the next few minutes?
Write down the practical, concrete and achievable actions you can now take to get your project started.

What is the first step you need to take to get exactly what you want out of life?
From the list above, identify the first real action you can take right now that will bring you closer to your dream.

Are you doing it for yourself or for someone who expects it from you?
Write down your deep motivation, your why, define if you are really doing it for yourself or for others.

What lifestyle would you like to have?
Imagine your typical day: what time would you like to get up, where would you like to live and what actions you would like to perform as soon as you wake up, write down everything that comes to mind, even details about the places, the people you would like to have next to you and the scents you would like to smell .

Questions to get to know each other better

The questions to get to know each other better are over, if you have answered all of them you should have at least one fully written notebook page.

At this point I advise you to put this experiment aside for at least a day, the answers you wrote are too imprinted in your brain, you have to let them cool .

After at least a day, relate the answers you have given, in particular those that define what you would like to achieve with what you are doing.

The more you read what you have written in your own hand, the more aware you will be of who you are, what you want to do and what you need to do to get the life you want .

The exercise ends here, now it’s up to you to reflect on what you have written and to change your future days, if you want you can publicly commit by writing in the comments the actions you intend to carry out in the near future.


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