10 Qualities of a Feature Writer You Must Know

Discover the essential qualities of a feature writer that set them apart in the competitive field of journalism.

All the human beings do not possess creative potentialities by birth Feature writing is an art that a person, by hardwork and practice, can learn. In short, a person who has the capability of writing effective prose, a curiousitive mind, an observing sight and a beating heart can become a good feature writer As a good sub editor and reporter should have some qualities; similarly a feature writer should also have some basic qualities.

Qualities of a Feature In News, Magazine And Media

These qualities are listed below:

Power of Observation

It is necessary for a good feature writer to have a good power of observation. He has to search some aspects of his feature from daily life. This is only possible when he has a good observation power. Therefore he should take interest in everything and record even those aspects of matters that are neglects by most of us.

At the time of feature writing he can sort out useful items from his observation bank


If a feature writer is highly qualified and also possess a good power of observation, he can work wonders. Because he. can first observe things and then write them in a proper order.

Command over Language

A feature writer should have command over the language in which he writes. He should also have command over the local dialect. In our country a feature writer whether he writes in Urdu should have command over both the languages. Sometimes a material is in one language and one has to write a feature in the other language. In this case his feature will only be affective when he was command over both the languages. It is also necessary for him to have a wide knowledge of the literature of the language in which he is writing because’a feature can’t be attractive without giving it a literary touch.

Wide Study

Vast study is very important for a feature writer He should be familiar not only which with the local scene but also with the national and international circumstances. It is possible only when he has wide study.

Literary Taste

It is not necessary for him to have all potentialities of a poet or a literary figure but he should know the values of language and expression. He should have a taste for literature so that he can write free from ambiguity in a beautiful manner.

A Good Reporter

A good reporter has the capacity to smell a news. A features writer should have also be a reporter because a lot of research is to be made in collecting related facts. And these facts can only be collected when the feature writer has qualities of a reporter.

Knows the Temperament of Readers

A feature writer should know the temperament of his readers along with having a good observation power and being a good reporter. This is the key to his success and popularity. He should know the psychology of the readers. He should remain aware of the needs of his readers and have a deep insight into their problems so that they regard him as their confidant.

A Good Interviewer

One has to interview a number of persons to get to the true facts. A feature writer should be familiar with the art of interviewing do that he can make the interviewee disclose facts.


It is vital for the success of a feature that facts given in it are true and are a not propaganda, of certain person’s views.. A feature writer should present before people a true picture of subject and should not give his own views and ideas. He should leave it to his readers the analysis of the situation Similarly he should allow his readers to draw conclusion by their own.

A Particular Style of Writing

It is necessary for a feature writer to have his original and individual style. If he has his own particular style he can become popular among readers in a short period of time. Originality in his style can take him to the peak of the journalist world But this originality in writing comes after a great deal of practice and exercise.

Vast Relations

A successful feature writer has always vast relations and contacts. He should have contacts in almost every department. He should know the basic information about every department and connection with their heads so that he may not face difficulty in getting material for the feature. A good feature needs great hardwork. It is not possible without vast contacts.

An Expert Det(Ative

A feature writer has to work like an expert detective to get to the facts. Sometimes he has to find important documents to testify his views. To find original and true facts is not an easy task, for this he has to put his life in danger is not an easy task, for this he has to put his life in danger.

Familiarity with the Press Laws

He should understand press code of ethics and other journalistic laws in letter and spirit If he is unaware of these laws he may get stuck in his feature such things as may earn him a bad name etc.

Capacity to Write Creative Prose

He should have a capacity to write creative prose so that he can maintain interest in his feature from the beginning to the end He should have a lot of practice in writing such pieces of prose. He must keep himself aware of the techniques of writing a beautiful and forceful piece of composition.

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