Put reminders, alarms, notes and tasks on WhatsApp with Any.do

WhatsApp, one of its meanings in Spanish is What happened? This continues to honor its name, it is always aware of what happens on social networks and the new applications that come onto the market. The objective of WhathApps is to present to its users the best programs, whether they are inside or integrated.

In this 2021 it has had many advances and updates, such as making messages, photos and videos self-destruct in days. If you want to use WhatsApp on a computer or through an official client, do so through WhatsApp Web. By obtaining a QR code, WhatsApp Web can easily be synchronized between the cell phone and the computer .

It is interesting to note that as WhatsApp there are many other similar or alternative applications that try to match it, having already talked a bit about WhatsApp, let’s get to know an application with which it integrates very well. This App is called Any.do that helps us not to forget anything with such a busy schedule.

What is Any.do and what is this application for, why should we have it on our cell phones, tablets or PCs?

Any.do is an administrator where through instant messages you can schedule reminders, alarms, notes and tasks by dates. Before you install it on your electronic device, it is important that you know that this application is not free.

Of course, this App allows you to enjoy it for free in the first seven days of its integration with WhatsApp , but after the trial days pass, you must enter your payment method to request the enjoyment of said application.

Simultaneously it helps you to process a list of what you plan to do on a day-to-day basis, this App organizes what days of the week and at what time you want your cell phone to notify you what to do. Apart from organizing your daily, weekly or monthly tasks, it is the same as having a virtual agenda , you can also share with your friends these tasks that you plan to carry out.

Unfortunately and the bad thing about this App is that WhatsApp only works or works in the English language, this makes it difficult for you to understand and it will be a problem for those who do not handle basic English.

In addition to this, there is the fact that this App is not free, which means that many do not integrate it. Now, even with these difficulties, there are WhatsApp users who want to have it on their devices.

Put reminders, alarms, notes and tasks on WhatsApp with Any.do

  1. You must download the Any.do App on your mobile device , just as you did with WhatsApp to integrate them, after downloading the Any.do App, you will enter it and you must click on the Settings option.
  2. When you give a clip to Settings you will get some options, press the option that says Integrations, after that you will get other options, which you must give a clip to the one that says WhatsApp.
  3. It will promptly ask you to enter your phone number, you will get another option that says Send, press it, the application will automatically send you a text message with a security code that you must enter.
  4. Finally, activate the Reminders button that opens the WhatsApp chat as if it were just another contact, enter this contact and place the reminders, alarms, notes and tasks that you want me to remember you.
  5. Once created, it will ask you to enter the time and day that you will carry out the aforementioned events, as we mentioned, it is like one more contact, so when you enter you write asking for the reminders of the day.
  6. In the chat you can write to yourself, to do this, enter the address wa.me/34TUNUMERO, bone, your phone number, press the Give option where an App window will open on the screen, press send message. This opens the Any.do contact with a new chat, write messages so you don’t lose the chat.


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