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After landing on the map in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, you can loot for a long time, hide and run from house to house, delaying the moment of meeting the enemy. But in the end, you still have to engage in a fire fight with the enemy, at least at the time of the complete narrowing of the zone. And here the skills of accurate shooting will be very useful, because this is the only way to prove your superiority over your opponent. Tactics, positioning, maneuvers are all very important and we will talk about this in other guides. All aspects of increasing your accuracy and accuracy will be considered here.

Accuracy Improvement Techniques

From can be divided into simple (available by default) and complex (for skilled players).


These features are originally written in the game, but for some reason some people do not use them:

  • Three shooting modes. Some barrels have as many as three types of firing: single, burst and automatic. It is clear that the most accurate is firing at one cartridge, since the recoil effect is reduced.
  • Three aiming modes. Default mode – shooting from the hip (the most oblique). Then, if you hold down the RMB, then the mode of shooting from the shoulder turns on – the camera approaches, the crosshair of the sight narrows. If you click on the RMB, then the sniper mode will open – this is a first-person view using a front sight or a sight (when installed). The latter is considered the most accurate, as it allows you to target vulnerable areas.
  • Three modes of movement. Full-length – your maneuverability is not limited, but shooting on the run is not very accurate. Half-crouch – the speed is reduced, but firing from the knee adds to the chances of not missing. Lying is essentially a stationary mode for snipers, one of the most accurate, especially recommended for barrels with bipods.
  • Holding your breath. When you press the Shift key, the character stops breathing, as a result of which the habitual swinging of the sight back and forth disappears. This greatly improves accuracy, but not for long. As soon as the white icon with the lungs in the corner fills with red, you exhale and shake the scope with a vengeance. Therefore, it is better to use this technique on single shots with a short delay.


These techniques have received due distribution among professional players, who have identified some patterns and trends in weapon ballistics:

  • Clamping or recoil control. This technique successfully migrated from Counter-Strike . It was there that the players noticed that if the barrel throws strongly from side to side during automatic fire, then you can always extinguish the spread of bullets by counter-moving the mouse. For example: most guns with a powerful caliber go barrel up during auto recoil, which means you just need to pull the mouse down to stabilize the accuracy (see video below). Particularly seasoned shooters in this way extinguish not only vertical recoil, but also horizontal yaw, although for this you need to have a good reaction. Many, faced with such effective shooting, start shouting about macros and cheats, but this is just a skill.
  • Click-shooter. If you are unable to control the recoil in automatic mode, then you should just abandon it. Switch to single shots, and compensate for the rate of fire and accuracy with a more frequent mouse click. This ensures acceptable accuracy at a distance, even for beginners, because the total recoil effect simply does not accumulate. Especially cunning players counted the number of shots for each machine gun, after which the barrel starts to go wildly away. For example, for the AK-47, this is four to five rounds. After that, you just need to pause the firing in auto mode, essentially creating a manual firing mode with bursts (which this barrel does not have).

Clamp on SCAR-L

Weapon selection

After learning the basics, you need to decide what you will shoot from. There are a lot of weapons in the game, they are different in dynamics and ballistics, but still they are subdivided into six conventional classes:


Not everyone likes to use them, as for the majority they are an auxiliary melee weapon. Accordingly, it can show more or less decent accuracy only at short distances. On the other hand, it is quite easy to learn how to shoot pistols without a miss, since many of them have almost no recoil, as well as the automatic mode (the exception is Glock). A number of models can be fitted with simple scopes.


This is a low-precision weapon that fires canshot at point-blank range. Deals great damage, but at the same time shamelessly mows. Because of this, it is ideal for indoor and ambush shooting. Almost useless in open space and medium range. Of the body kits, only a choke-boron can be set for accuracy.

Submachine guns

Small barrels for small pistol caliber, with an automatic firing mode. They have limited accuracy at medium ranges due to wild spread. But at the same time, a number of models can be equipped with a full set of attachments that reduce recoil, as well as set sights, up to x8.

Assault rifles

But this is the choice of the exact shooter. Most of the assault rifles have decent ballistics and accuracy, interchangeable fire modes and, in fact, are a universal weapon on the battlefield, for any distance. Some foreign models can take on all types of recoil control kits, and in the right hands they will become an accurate and deadly weapon.

Machine guns

There are only two of them in the game, and it is worth talking about their accuracy only in terms of using them as a fixed firing point, preferably lying and on a bipod. On the other hand, a large magazine and automatic fire mode create such a dense stream of bullets that quantity sooner or later develops into quality.

Sniper rifles

The quintessence of accurate shooting – rifles with the abbreviation SR. They have practically no automatic modes, and their single shots are fraught with potentially great one-time damage. A bullet from such barrels flies along a gentle trajectory and over great distances. They require powerful optics, and we’ll take a closer look at this aspect in the long range precision shooting guide.

Note : it is clear that the game has hybrid barrels, like VSS, Winchester and crossbow, which do not fit this classification, which means it is better to tell about them in more detail in separate guides .

Weapon setup

So what should a precision shooting lover choose? It is clear that when you find a rare sniper rifle, you should take it without reasoning. But in most cases, on the first slot, you will have an assault rifle, possibly an M416 with a full body kit. On the second slot, you can place an SMG or a shotgun for close combat. Pistol – optional. It is desirable that the systems of switchable barrels be unified in modules and ammunition in order to reduce the time for reconfiguring the brain to other ballistics. Remember that the larger the caliber, the stronger the recoil, which means less accuracy.

The more slots for body kits – the more accuracy

Accuracy body kits

Attachments are very important for increasing accuracy, so the more slots a weapon has, the better:

  • Compensator on PP and SR. Reduces bullet spread by 25%, reduces deflection when fired by 20%, removes vertical recoil by 25%.
  • Compensator on AR. Reduces bullet spread by 25%, reduces deflection when shooting by 10%, removes vertical recoil by 15%.
  • Flame arrester (for everyone). Removes the flash from the shot, reduces the deflection of the weapon when firing by 10%, removes the vertical recoil by 10%.
  • Chok-bor (shotguns). Reducing the dispersion of the fraction by 18.2%, accelerating the flight of the fraction by 15.4%.
  • Vertical forend. Reducing bullet spread by 20%, reducing vertical recoil by 15%.
  • Angled forend. Reducing bullet spread by 20%, reducing horizontal recoil by 10%, increasing the speed of reaching weapons by 10%.
  • Folding stock for UZI. Reduces bullet spread by 20%, reduces vertical recoil by 20%.
  • Tactical stock (AR and PP). Reduces bullet spread by 20%, accelerates weapon change by 10%, reduces recoil by 15%, removes swing by 10%.
  • Butt cheek pad (SR). Speeds up weapon swapping by 20%, reduces vertical recoil by 20%, and reduces weapon swing by 15%.


What accurate shooting is possible without scopes? We will omit the description of the default strips and front sight, since they are original for each barrel, and immediately move on to removable optics.

Simple scopes

  • Collimator (red dot). Provides acceptable accuracy at close to medium range. Best used for single player shooting, assault rifles and pistols.
  • Holographic. The wide visor makes it best suited for maneuvering close-range combat. Well suited for PP, pistols and AK-47.
  • 2x Aimpoint Scope (green dot). In theory, this is already optics, but the approximation of 1.80x is not so critical as to equip something serious with a sim device. Perfect for medium-range assault rifles.

Difficult sights

  • 4x ACOG Scope. The first full-fledged optics with up to 4x magnification. It comes across consistently, suitable for both assault rifles and sniper rifles. The only sight that fits almost all arms.
  • 8x CQBSS Scope. A serious thing, it provides an approximation of 7.25x. You can only find in select places. Must be on a sniper rifle without fail, but for the M416 it will do just fine.
  • 15x PM II Scope. The closest approximation to date is 12.00x. Drops out only in drops, it makes sense to bet only on powerful sniper rifles, such as AWM. The disadvantages include the practical impossibility of firing at close range.

General Tips

To get started, delve into the settings of the mouse and adjust the sensor for yourself. Ideally, you should be able to rotate 180 degrees by only moving it two centimeters. The mouse should also be not an office one, with good balancing and fastening for the cord. The optimal device is wireless. The mat must be clean and fluff-free so that the laser does not slip and the hand does not sweat.

Explore the game settings to boost your FPS. Beautiful graphics are certainly good, but taking the top 1 is even better. In addition, the game is already unstable, so any unnecessary husk, such as swaying foliage and grass, elaborate shadows, etc., are overboard. Look at the configurations displayed by the top streamers, but it’s always better to customize it specifically for your car.

When playing in third person, always make sure that there are no obstacles in the trajectory of your shot. You will know about their presence by the red circle instead of the crosshair of the sight. In no case, do not fire through a net or a lattice fence – some of the bullets will simply go nowhere, and the enemy will understand where they are being hit from.

Shooting in motion at distances higher than close ones is a waste of ammunition. Ideally, you need to cut the visible part of your body, use cover, and often change positions. Never lie down to improve shooting accuracy! Yes, in this way you will reduce the area of ​​possible shelling of your body, but on the other hand you will find yourself the most vulnerable part of the enemy – the head. It is best to fire in dashes: crouch down – shoot – dash. This maintains an optimal balance between security and accuracy.

Aim for the head in any situation. The probability of a miss will be higher, but in the case of a hit, the result will exceed all expectations. At medium ranges, aim for the aim point just above your head, depending on the caliber used. Set the lead to about the same if the target is moving rapidly.

Leading a fire in an open field is suicide. Whatever shooting skill


You can talk for a long time about how to achieve accurate shooting. But in reality it is not theory that decides, but practice. When you have accumulated several hundred hours of firing from different barrels, you will automatically change the firing modes, take a lead and target vulnerable zones, adjusted for the ballistics of the barrel. Therefore, practice, practice and practice again. In the next guide, we will cover the basics of a more complex type of shooting – at a distance.


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