PUBG Mobile: Squad Ambush Tactics Pro

PUBG Mobile has a ton of bridges across all five maps, roads, and trails for players to traverse. So you need some tips and tricks for ambushing on these roads. Check it out here with .

Squad tactics and tips for choke point ambush

PUBG Mobile players can block bridges and roads to attack and take out some enemy squads.

⇨ Use vehicles to block bridges : Destroy the vehicles so that the enemies cannot kill you by the explosions. The more obstacles you do, the more chances of winning you have. Then you can camp to ambush behind broken vehicles or wooden crates and prepare for combat.

⇨ Make sure you have reloaded both weapons and have them ready to spray the bullets.

⇨ Collect more cars and trucks to create more obstacles on the road and thus block the enemy squad. You can try many ambush fixes that you can try. The staggered formation should be the best arrangement to make it difficult for the enemy to navigate and maintain balance.

⇨ Don’t let the enemies notice you so you can surprise them. If enemies see you, they can prepare before combat.

⇨ If you rush to the play area and have to go over a bridge, prepare to be ambushed. Watch the bridge. If there are any enemies camping on the bridge, engage them from a distance.

⇨ Beware of enemies behind you to avoid being attacked from both sides.

⇨ If the bridge is blocked and you need to cross the river, find a boat to cross the river. However, if you move away from the bridge, the enemies can shoot your team on the bridge.


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