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Complete review of the Winchester Model 1894 shotgun: historical background, game characteristics, tactical tips


Winchester is the most unfriendly weapon in the game. It seemed to emerge from the gray times, when they did not know such newfangled things as a collimator sight and a Picatinny rail. When in the Wild West everything was decided only by reaction, a keen eye and a steady hand. Hardcore times. Now you have the opportunity to try it all on the Miramar map, among authentic Mexican cacti and canyons. Only one question torments the player – is it worth it? Let’s find out in this guide.

Historical reference

The Winchester Model 1894 is one of the most famous lever action hunting rifles. Moreover, it is the most long-lived. The rifle was developed by John Browning in 1894 and discontinued in 2006. And then it was announced that in 2010 a limited edition would be released for amateurs and collectors. The barrel has sold seven million copies in total. The millionth Winchester was donated to US President John Calvin Coolidge in 1927, the one and a half million to US President Harry Truman in 1948, and the two millionth to President Dwight Eisenhauser in 1953. Such is the American dream.

More than a century in action – there is something to respect

For its time, it was an innovative shotgun using smokeless powder cartridges. The name of the cartridge 30-30 Winchester has become synonymous with the barrel itself. In 1964, changes were made to the original design to make production more efficient and cheaper. However, this led to the fact that models up to 64 were in great demand. Interesting fact: IBM released the 3340 hard drive in 1973, which the engineers called 30-30 (two modules of 30 MB each). Project manager Kenneth Houghton suggested calling this disc a “Winchester”. Since then, they have been called so.


  • Caliber: .45ACP
  • Damage: 66
  • Effective range: 300 meters
  • Magazine volume: eight rounds
  • Shooting modes: single
  • Reload time: 7.2 seconds

As you can see, this rifle is quite a good damage dealer at medium distances, but it will never replace the Kar98, due to the lack of sights and attachments in principle. Shooting through the front sight is still a pleasure. We can only hope for our own skill and developed intuition. Despite the fact that the trunk is found on Miramar quite often, they take it only at the very beginning, and then throw it away as unnecessary.

Armor penetration

Bullets of caliber 45 ACP have good penetration into kevlar coatings, so this rifle can be recommended for forced “undressing” of packed opponents. The armor of the first level receives 46.2 damage, the armor of the second level – 39.6 damage, and the armor of the third level – 29.7 damage. According to my feelings, the gun kills the opponent when it hits a motorcycle helmet, but it just knocks down a military helmet and leaves somewhere around 5-10 hit points. In a body protected by a third armor, three rounds will have to be invested.

Unprotected body damage table

Body kits

We have only one body kit – a cartridge belt, which is attached to the stock and allows you to increase reloading by 30%. It was experimentally found that the reload speed increases from 7.2 seconds. up to 6.09 sec. Not particularly critical, but in some cases it saves lives.


We have no optics – the 19th century is in the yard! Our aiming frame is sectorial, with a butterfly-shaped front sight. Not the most convenient device, by the way, sometimes blocking the entire view to the target. The developers decided to alleviate the suffering of the player a little and when holding Shift, the picture comes closer much more than with another barrel. But it won’t help you much, believe me.


So how do you shoot this ancient artifact? First, check your FPS. If the value is below 60, then you don’t even need to take this gun. It is very sensitive to reaction times, especially at close range. But most often they are beaten at close range, so you have to master the method of aiming offhand, in a split second – “quick scop”. Moreover, it is advisable to do this from behind cover – leaned out, aimed, fired, and immediately went back. And for everything about everything – a second. Otherwise, there is a chance to catch a reply.

Shooting at a distance is carried out according to the following scheme: spot the enemy, determine the distance by eye (or, as in the guide about remote shooting ), set the zeroing value with the Pg up and Pg dn keys (up to 300 meters). This is the only way to fire without lifting the barrel and blocking your own view. Of course, you can shoot more than 300 meters, but only on intuition, which is not always possible.

Two simple tips: at long distances it is better to shoot from the first person, and at close distances – from the shoulder or hip, holding the RMB. It is good that the recoil at the barrel is within the bounds of decency, otherwise it would not have been possible to shoot for sure in principle.

Better to shoot from cover and in the first person


To begin with, it is worth determining in what situations it is worth using this barrel. The best technique is to fire from 100 meters at the enemy who cannot see you. It is advisable that he does not move at the same time, since not everyone knows how to take a lead. A couple of shots and a comrade can be carried forward with your feet, he will not even understand where he was killed. But for this you need to be super sharp.

If you are discovered, then it is pointless to shoot head-on with assault rifles and carbines. It all depends on the skill of the enemy. If at a distance he began to pour automatic fire on you, then it is quite possible to risk giving him a shot. When the bullets land singly and very accurately, it is better to go into the shadows. And vice versa – at close range avoid collisions with submachine guns and submachine guns, but pistols and snipers are welcome. Shotguns are a little more difficult, as the wide range of shot compensates for their inaccuracy and curvature.

There is no point in making the Winchester the main weapon, it is better to keep it on the second slot for unique situations. The gun is very unpretentious, does not require a frantic search for body kits and ammunition. 45 caliber rounds are scattered on the map, and the rate of fire does not imply their quick waste. The more often you use it, the more you will love it for the guaranteed one-time damage. Or you will also quickly hate if the hands are hooks.

Winchester otakue


Win 94 is the last weapon I would recommend to a beginner. It has many disadvantages and few advantages. If you have not had a Coulbertinov in your family , who killed the whites in the eye, it may be worth considering a more preferred trunk. It is recommended for fans of hardcore, overcoming and BDSM. When using, put country music in the playlist. It’s not clear why, but it helps. Finally, we list its main pros and cons:


  • Powerful one-time damage
  • Good armor piercing
  • Lies on every corner
  • Unpretentiousness


  • Short effective range
  • Lack of scopes
  • Low rate of fire
  • Just one body kit
  • Very sensitive to skill

See you in the top 10!

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