Psychology of colors

Psychology of colors

The colors in life always have very important meanings , for example the color of the clothes you wear determine the mood you have, or you can understand some aspects of the person by knowing for example his favorite color, in psychology are implemented tests to understand the person’s personality.

Colors convey psychological and emotional effects to us . Let’s see, in detail, what are the effects transmitted by the colors, to be able to choose with greater awareness the colors to be used for our web pages.


Color of passion, of love. In psychology it symbolizes warmth, nutrition and is very stimulating. For many, too aggressive a color. It also symbolizes danger, blood, fire and violence. Red is the first color of the rainbow that infants learn to recognize, the first to which all peoples have given a name. In early Christian art he represented the red demon Lucifer in conjunction with black.


The color of welcome and hospitality is perceived as a vibrant color and is very popular with websites as it symbolizes attention, research and study. It also symbolizes flame, fire, lust.


The color of the sun symbolizes happiness, happiness, growth and gold. It is perceived with an expansive color. It can also symbolize dishonesty, cowardice, betrayal, jealousy, falsity, disease and gamble. By arousing a feeling of expansion and pushing for movement, yellow corresponds to a condition of freedom and self-development.


It symbolizes nature, environment, life, growth, luck, youth, spring, fertility but also with putrefaction, acid and poison. The effect of stability produced by green represents, from a psychological point of view, firm values ​​that do not change. The choice of green also indicates self-esteem.

There is a variant of green acid green which is used above all in the technological world and which often conveys a perception of “non-goodness”.


It symbolizes calm, water, sky, harmony, trust, cleanliness and loyalty. Sadness and depression. By fixing this color for a long time, it produces an effect of peace, satisfaction and harmony. Just think of a landscape with a calm sea. Just like the color orange, this color is perceived as vibrant but at the same time less “lively”.


It symbolizes royalty, spirituality, passion and love.
Cruelty, arrogance and tears. Purple is also the color of penance. Traditional color of mysticism, of spirituality but also of erotic fascination, of betrayal, purple indicates the union of opposites, suggestibility.


It symbolizes femininity and youth. The color preferred by most women around the world communicates a message of weakness, naivety and softness.


The color of purity. It is synonymous with cleanliness, innocence, space, chastity, simplicity and peace. But also death (oriental cultures), coldness and sterility. It belongs to the range of neutral colors. The opposite of black is its 100% contrast. White is an expansive color that indicates the maximum load of light.


It symbolizes neutrality, earth and heat. A color not too loved because it reminds a lot of dirt.

The strong need, indifference or rejection towards this hue therefore indicate a precise attitude towards what is bodily and material and towards physical pleasures.


Associated with power, elegance, magic, mystery and night. It also symbolizes mourning and death (western cultures), malice, unhappiness, sadness, remorse and anger. Nowadays it is a highly appreciated color in women’s fashion for its slimming characteristic (black slims). In early Christian art he represented the devil.

Contrary to White is the total absence of light. In fact black absorbs and swallows the light.


It symbolizes neutrality, intelligence, solidity, cleanliness and something modern. It is also associated with maturity and sadness. It is chosen to define a distance and a non-involvement.

If well used alongside other colors it helps to give visual graphic luster to objects and designs. Always used sparingly because this color has a “flattening”, “boredom” effect.

A good graphic webdesigner must also take this into account. Did you know that? And have you ever taken that into account?

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