Psychological shifts of pregnant women and mothers

Executed, you are pregnant! All the feelings and emotions that surround your whole being are mixed together. Huge, yet completely unknown joy, doubts, anxiety, tenderness and love for the little treasure that is entrusted to you … or maybe you did not feel anything and were scared by your own indifference? .. Pregnancy – this is a surprisingly elevated and at the same time strange feeling. Mood, feeling and emotion are constantly changing. This is mostly due to changes in the hormonal background (1st trimester), an increase in circulating blood volume, fluctuations in blood sugar (2nd trimester), again changes in hormone levels, and preparations for childbirth.Connected with the beginning (3rd trimester). This is the physiological side of pregnancy, and physiology is always linked to psychology. In other words, health status and self-esteem affect emotional perception and assessment of the situation and vice versa. Smiles and optimism can cure, and excessive excitement can cause headaches, stomach cramps, increase in blood pressure,

Enhancing uterine tone …

How to manage the situation and how to separate unfounded forearm from thorough caution? First determine the cause of your excitement. For example:

I’m afraid that …

  • The birth of this child will make no one happy;
  • I have no money to feed him;
  • The child will develop incorrectly;
  • I will not be a good mother;
  • Having a baby will hinder my career.

Then play each situation to the logical end. It turns out that the birth of a child can enrich and fill you with energy, because when you become a mother, you will discover in yourself the enormous potential of spiritual and physical strength, as well as wisdom.

Contradictory attitude

There is a female ideal. This is the woman who happily reaches the sky when she learns that she has to become a mother, she welcomes the birth of a child well and happily … But pregnancy is accompanied by unpleasant feelings and these feelings are completely natural, especially during the first pregnancy. The first pregnancy will mark the end of a secure boyhood. A woman knows that after giving birth her freedom will be framed, her budget will be reduced … If her husband’s attention was focused only on her before, now she will have a sharer … Most pregnant women are indifferent towards their future child for a long time, He realizes that there is a really living creature in his belly. By the end of pregnancy a woman can already, in fact, conceive a child and everything related to caring for her. Some women feel irritated and relieved when they find out they are pregnant. When he wakes up in it with tenderness towards the future child. Another test awaits the new mother: when the baby is finally born, the woman thinks that she will immediately embrace the mother’s tenderness and will immediately recognize her own blood and flesh in the child. But sometimes it happens neither on the first day nor in the first week, it is a long process and will not end until the mother spends some time alone with the child.

elementary School

Nine months of pregnancy is maternity school. A woman goes from her mother’s child to her own child’s mother. These months teach him to take responsibility for the decisions he makes, because the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the child depends on them. The pregnant baby responds to the world through you. He learns from you to relate to the world. But what happens when a pregnant woman finds it difficult to understand herself? After all, she has to think about her child, her job, her time with her husband, and sometimes her older children, and she has to take care of herself. Define priorities. What is most important at this moment? Success, job or just the need to work, which takes a lot of effort and a lot of time? It may even bring you material prosperity, but how does it affect the child? Yes, now the main “project” is the child! So be sure to ask for help from those you hope for, and explain to others that you now have a more important job that requires careful attention. Another option: look from a distance, separate your own emotions, as if you are split in two, one half lives, suffers, and the other, wise and calm, observes, helps, gives advice and expresses support.

Stress about priorities

is a part of our lives. The issue is how we react to them. Stress – This is a definite situation that requires a decision. So decide calmly, without emotions. Your reaction to what happened – this is what the impact of stress depends on. Another important point: the relationship with her husband and older children – one of the most pressing problems. They need a lot of time and attention in advance. Be sure to share your feelings with them, ask for help, explain that pregnancy, caring for a future child is hard work. Share your joys and expectations – they are close people! Your feelings are most important right now. Remember that physical condition is directly dependent on psychological.

Remember this moment!

9 months of pregnancy, which at first seemed too long, passes quickly. They are full of events, impressions and emotions. Remember this wonderful condition and try to enjoy every day. The time will come when a baby will be born and it will be another wonderful sheet of your life. And now just rejoice – you are pregnant! Let me remind you of another important thing: you have everything you need to deal with any situation. You have the answers to all the questions.

Postpartum depression

The birth of a child is an unforgettable event for any family and the beginning of a new phase. You need to start preparing for it early. Statistics show that the first year after the birth of a child is a crisis period for the family. At this time, lifestyle, habits, values ​​completely change. Try to meet all this with maximum calm and make appropriate changes in your lifestyle. Many new mothers complain of postpartum depression. What are the symptoms of this unusual condition and how do we deal with them? Some women fall into apathy, some, on the contrary, become aggressive, constantly irritated, some lock themselves in and do not want to have a relationship with anyone … Childbirth affects all systems of the body. It is necessary to take some time for the female body to regain its normal shape. As a rule,

Pregnancy and childbirth are accompanied by hormonal imbalances, which have a strong impact on the nervous system and psyche. In the early stages of a baby’s birth, the mother often loses patience. This is a typical condition, especially after the birth of the first child. A woman is often overcome by despair, sometimes fear, it seems that the child needs something or the husband no longer loves the old-fashioned way, and this is associated with physical changes after pregnancy and childbirth. Post-pregnancy depression is often associated with taking on a new role. Some women are career focused and not ready for motherhood. Nor does he realize how important and responsible a stage begins in his life. For all this it is necessary to prepare, to analyze everything well, to re-evaluate the defined values ​​… In a word, Adapting to the role of mother is not equally easy for all women, but nothing is impossible. The key is to be diligent and realize that you have shared the greatest happiness.

How to help someone who is depressed

At such times, the best remedy for a new mother is the support of family and loved ones, especially her husband. People are different from each other. Some have a weak nervous system and psyche, which in turn creates a favorable background for the development of depression. When a person expresses emotions, shares his problems with loved ones, he is somewhat relieved and his emotional state also improves. A woman’s mood is very important to get out of depression. He should try to control his own behavior. If you notice that you are depressed, try to focus on the child, on his care. Especially if you cry a lot. Find out the reason for her crying and restlessness. Try to exercise to regain your old physical shape and become desirable to your spouse again. Buy new clothes, visit a beauty salon, visit from time to time. If you do not have a baby carrier, take it with you. Invite loved ones. It will calm you down, lift your spirits. Take frequent walks in the fresh air. This is beneficial not only for you but also for the baby. Talk to young mothers walking there. Ask for advice, share your opinion on child care issues. This way you will unwind and gradually with effort you will regain the joy of life, you will return home happier and your relationship with your relatives will become easier. Share your thoughts on child care issues. This way you will unwind and gradually with effort you will regain the joy of life, you will return home happier and your relationship with your relatives will become easier. Share your thoughts on child care issues. This way you will unwind and gradually with effort you will regain the joy of life, you will return home happier and your relationship with your relatives will become easier.

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