Psychodiagnostic Process in Social Psychology

Psychology teaches us how to understand someone, from the nature, behavior to the discussion of problems and how to deal with a problem properly. besides that, there are other things in psychology that we really have to understand, including psychodiagnostics. If we define psychodiagnostics, it enters psychology, which is a tool in the identification process in psychological problems. There are several things that we really need to pay attention to in solving problems in psychology, including using data very accurately. Data collection must also be taken in a specific way so that later we can carry out further processes in a better direction,

So that in psychodiagnostics it can be said as a method that is carried out in a good and correct way. Where we also have to do data collection wisely. Conducting a diagnosis must also be in the presence of various agencies and also certain health fields, for example in the case of companies where in each of these fields there are also many specific goals that must be done with good recruitment. so that we can better know what problems are related to a person’s psychological. For example, in the psychodiagnostic process. Where in this case there are also principles in psychodiagnostic implementationwhich we have to understand. In addition, there are also methods in examination and also psychodiagnostics, which if we categorize there are two types of methods that can be done. Among them are non-test methods and also those that use tests. For observations made there are many processes, including:

  • Natural setting / natural.
    • Simulated setting / clone.
    • Laboratory.

In the observation process, an advanced process was also carried out in which there were sampling techniques including using:

  • Event sampling, in which a process is carried out for observations that can be carried out in an aspect and also in a certain behavior
  • Time sampling, what is meant here is the process of recording what is done in the observation and also what things an individual can do for a certain time.

The psychodiagnostic process also teaches us how to understand the process given in the treatment process, including:

  1. In tests that are carried out using the same treatment for all individuals when they are about to do the test
    2. In conducting an interaction with each other also using clients and experienced psychologists
    3. An awareness in conducting psychodiagnostic tests, which in this test is based on self-awareness reviews, for that the results of the goal can be easily seen
    4. The cost is still quite affordable
    5. Psychologists have indeed done tests for someone who is more professional and must also keep the client’s biodata secret. so that in psychological diagnostics can run well.

In the psychodiagnostic process, various stages or continuation processes are also carried out, including those that have been written in the psychodiagnostic book, Suryabtara 1999, where he also classified the existence of various observation methods.

  • Observation

In this method or process, observation or re-checking is carried out for the client to be met, so that good relations can occur and find out more about the client.

  • Material Collection

Collecting materials is also the most important process that must be done, we must understand exactly what needs to be done and we also give it when we are going to do this psychodiagnostic process.

  • Biography

Seeing the biographies of clients is also a must, so that later we can understand more about the background of someone who we will do psychodiagnostic.

  • Questionnaire
  • Interview

The interview is the last process that can be done. For this one process, we must prepare in advance what things to ask for their clients later. So that later it can make it easier for us to do good interviewing techniques, or don’t let the questions given offend the client.

Objective Approach

In psychodiagnism, an approach is also needed, which in this case is an effort that can measure how our abilities and also ourselves with a better object. the psychometric direction must also be done well, including statistical processes, validity, reliability, standardization, norms and also a criterion. Some of the methods used include the direct method: vocational interest, the indirect method: MMPI. Hence, what should also be discussed is the kinds of psychological tests that are carried out.

Intelligence Tests

In an intelligence test, a series of tests such as the psychodiagnostic test is also carried out, which is a test that is carried out to determine a person’s intelligence level, consisting of a series with graded difficulty that has been carried out in a sample and also has two intelligence tests.

  • Psycometric instrument, in this one test qualification of psychological attributes is also carried out, as well as taking a look at a person’s personality and intellectual abilities.
  • Intelligence test, where what is meant here is to use a measuring tool that has a design by collecting data on the level of individual cognitive abilities to be able to see how to compare the people in it like the method in psychodiagnostics.

In the psychodiagnostic process there are also several goals that we can take, including when implementing the principles and processes we can understand and know a lot about the developmental aspects, intellectual personality and also social psychology in it. In addition, we also understand better about the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out the process and seeing how big the goals are in it. In carrying out understanding can also be a good means of giving the right treatment. In the principle that is carried out, it can be seen that there are basic objectives in it, so that the placement of educational psychology in doing work can be done well.


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