Does PS4 work without internet connection? How to use it? Trophies, games, updates – Help

After dealing with fairly technical topics such as the drifting problem and the features of the PlayStation Now , we decided that the time has come to get to know one side of our beloved console that many gamers take for granted. Most of us are used to having an internet connection always available but, in the absence of it, what are the real possibilities that a PlayStation 4 can exploit in offline mode?The question is by no means trivial. In fact, if you consider the Sony consoles sold in our country and cross these data with the fact that 24.9% of Italian households (Istat data) do not even have internet access, you understand that the topic covered could be of much more interest. of some person. We will therefore try, through the presentation of some typical situations, to answer this question in the simplest and most complete way possible. But we anticipate it: PlayStation 4, without internet connection, can still give a lot.

Can I play on my PlayStation 4 even if it is not connected to the internet? Are game installation and updates possible?

Let’s start with one of the most popular questions in forums, groups and discussion threads. Obviously the answer is yes ; PlayStation 4 allows in fact in an absolutely natural way to start games in physical and digital format (if already installed) owned without the need to have a network connection to hook on. There are a few small things to consider though. Indeed, to tell the truth, not too small things. Using software in offline mode does not allow access to the various updates released; this has become a problem especially in recent times, since it is not possible to update the version of a game via USB and at the same time the developers release updates to bloody day one as a practice now. We got to the point that the retail versions are mastered with the publisher’s full awareness of publishing an unoptimized product, thanks to the awareness of being able to get in touch at any time. Provided you have an internet connection. The point is that these updates are often not a simple “more” or an enlargement of the content, but they make decisive corrections for the correct conduct of the gaming sessions.

Being offline also does not allow, for obvious reasons, to take advantage of any online multiplayer. Let us pause for a moment on this last aspect, given that it is probably the most interesting for the less experienced in the videogame world. With the advancement of technology, the possibility of competing with other players has undergone a clear split in recent years: on the one hand we find the opportunity to play together with friends locally, on the other to join virtual sessions with players from all over the world world. But what is the real difference?

Local multiplayer refers to the multiplayer game mode that occurs using a single console. Just to understand: a group of friends who get together and, with pizza and beer in tow, organize a FIFA tournament. The online multiplayer allows, through the internet connection, to have fun in the company of players not necessarily close to us and each with their own console. Returning to the discussion from which we started, we can therefore say that without connection you can play safely locally with friends but you cannot take advantage of any type of online multiplayer session. As for the possibility of playing alone in single player mode offline, we must also point out some situations here.Most of the games can be played alone and without the need to keep your console connected ; however there is a very small part of the titles available which, for a choice of the developers themselves or for their belonging to particular genres, requires permanent internet access.

To avoid running into some unpleasant situations, our advice is therefore to always consult the detailed information sheet available for each video game on the PlayStation Store. Each of these, in addition to the various features and some hints to the plot, presents a series of information that allow us to understand if a title requires an internet connection or not. Let’s take a concrete example. Open the relevant page and Destiny: The Collection and, scrolling to the bottom of the page, look for the string that contains the following information: network players 2-16. Recover now that of The Last Of Us Remasteredand you will notice that, above the item network players, the title also shows the wording “1 player”. In this case, therefore, in addition to the possibility of exploiting online multiplayer, The Last Of Us allows you to play the main campaign while remaining offline. For the title Bungie instead the speech is different. Since only the word “network players” is written, the title will only work if your console is connected.


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