How to protect a premature baby? By giving him all available vaccines?

In these days I have received the following email from a medical colleague:

“Good morning, I am writing to you as the mother of a child born at 26 weeksand who is now 5 days of correct age (therefore 3.5 months of extrauterine life). I admit that I accepted with little serenity that they were given Synagis [palivizumab, a monoclonal antibody produced by DNA technology in host cells of mouse myeloma and used for the prevention of serious diseases of the lower respiratory tract caused by respiratory syncytial virus] considering the risk to get sick with the syncytial virus due to hospitalization, its prematurity and the relative aggressiveness of the virus. A few days ago (at the end of December) the girl received the second dose, but now I would say enough even if the season at risk includes monthly administrations of the drug until March.

I believe, however, thanking the progress for the possibility of making such small creatures live, that the cerebral hemorrhage from anti-inflammatory drugs for the closure of Botallo’s duct and the suspected necrotizing drug enterocolitis are sufficient to not continue to pharmacologically overstimulate a growing organism and that still seeks its balance. At home we have two other girls attending the community, but why take it for granted that they get sick? At the first pediatric follow-up visit, I was horrified by the vaccine proposalsfor the whole family and against everything proposed by the colleague to whom I said that you cannot live under a glass bell and that I do not agree with this approach and that my daughter will not be vaccinated. What do you think about these monoclonal antibodies? I breastfeed her exclusively: does my milk contain no antibodies ?! I need a competent confrontation. Thank you. “

Here is my answer to this problem, obviously assuming that we cannot give appropriate answers without having visited the person: and having known his personal history, in this case also the history of the mother both before and during pregnancy and, in particular, the cause that caused an early birth .

“Dearest one, stay calm and continue to commit yourself to taking proper care of your wonderful little girl who has been able to fight so far with so much energy and determination.
Take care to keep a family atmosphere for you, the little girl and the rest of the family serene, harmonious and healthy from all points of view. Since you are breastfeeding, take care of your diet as much as you can by taking organic, fresh (as far as possible) and unpackaged food from the food industry. I particularly recommend feeding your baby for a long time ( if you can even after 8 months) Take both food supplements (especially vitamins C, D and A and multiminerals) and give her also:

– Probiotics, of great importance especially for the newborn’s small intestine: for example Bifiselle 1 capsule / day (to be opened and mixed with a little of your milk or water) for at least 4 months (contains: Bifidobacterium bifidum, B. short, B. lactis / lungum, B. lactis / infantis);
– Lactoferrin (very useful in infants to prevent infections): for example BLF 100 1 sachet with water or milk for 3-4 months;
– Omega-3 , of great importance for the maturation of its brain: for example Omega 3 Rx (Enerzona) which is fish oil guaranteed practically free of mercury and other marine pollutants;
– Homeopathic therapypersonalized: it is important and should also be chosen in consideration of the remedy that you would have taken in the last period of pregnancy and in consideration of the reason that caused the premature birth;
– as soon as possible, show the girl to a good osteopath to have an osteopathic session with cranio-sacral massage and check that all the osteo-articular system, its connections with the viscera and the vegetative nervous system are normal (which it always happens in newborns, especially if they are born with dystocia and / or premature birth).

I believe these are the best conditions for growing your baby well and strong and she will most likely not get sick easily. In any case, stay calm and peaceful, because she has a special need for yours and your serenity, tranquility and parental love.

by Abdullah Sam
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