Pros and cons of buying online with a VAT number

Here are the pros and cons of buying online with a VAT number.Thanks to progress,  shopping online has now become part of our daily life. Whether it’s clothes, basic necessities, office products or much more, we are increasingly turning to  online stores to make our purchases. If you have a  VAT number and you are wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying online , in this article you will discover all the pros and cons .

Buying online for all of us has now become a habit, especially following the Coronavirus pandemic which made it impossible to go to physical stores to make our purchases. It is possible to buy everything online, and  companies turn to both  private individuals and  VAT holders , reserving promotions or special features for the latter. But  buying online has its pros and cons , which we will tell you about in detail below.

  1. VAT number: pros and cons of shopping online
    1. Pros of buying online with a VAT number
    2. Cons of buying online with a VAT number

VAT number: pros and cons of shopping online

If you have a VAT number and are about to make a purchase, but you are undecided whether to rely on online stores or physical stores, you are in the right place. We have already told you about the stores to buy online if you have a business and how to shop online safely , but in this article we want to focus specifically on the  pros and cons of shopping online if you have a VAT number . Read on to learn more.

Pros of buying online with a VAT number

Buying online with a  VAT number certainly has many advantages, from the convenience of purchasing to advantageous prices. Let’s see together what are the pros of buying on the Internet with a VAT number :

  • You can buy the products you need directly from your sofa, or while you are in the office;
  • You don’t run the risk of going to a store and not finding what you were looking for;
  • You can save thanks to the competitive prices, designed for companies, of the products available on the various platforms;
  • Receive your product at the address you want (at your home, or in your office!) Without having to go and collect it;
  • You can pay securely by keeping track of your expenses;
  • You can take advantage of the many benefits and services made available by e-commerce and designed for companies and for holders of  VAT numbers .

Many online stores, in fact, make special features available to customers in possession of a  VAT number , such as  Ikea for Business which allows you to have a specialized online consultancy and to place your orders via email, along with many other benefits designed specifically for companies, or  Amazon Business which has created an online store entirely dedicated to VAT number holders, where it is possible to have access to thousands of products for companies at competitive prices .

With Amazon Business you can create  multi-user accounts to share with other employees of your company, and have a simple and automatic management of expenses, costs and invoices.

Among the many advantages that  Amazon Business offers for  online purchases with companies there is also the completely  free registration  and the possibility for all users registered to Amazon Prime to use the benefits included in the service with Business Prime .


We remind you that, if you are not yet registered and have never used the free period of use, Amazon Prime is free for thirty days.

Cons of buying online with a VAT number

Although the  pros are higher,  buying online with a VAT number also has its  cons . Let’s see together, in detail, what they are:

  • You have to wait for the product to be delivered to your home, while buying in the physical store you can have it immediately at your disposal;
  • You cannot ask expert staff for advice, but you can only rely on the comments of other users, where present;
  • You cannot try and / or see closely the product you are buying;
  • If the product does not go well you should wait for the timing of the online store you contacted to return it and proceed with a new purchase;
  • The item may arrive damaged (in this case you can return it, but as mentioned above you should wait before you can have the item purchased)
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