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Is there any truth in the Bible that tells us about Jesus Christ? Is there any historical evidence of the existence of Jesus Christ or is it just a mythology?

Was Jesus Christ just a great person? Was he a revolutionary? Was that god

Time magazine called Jesus the most influential person in history. The Bible tells us that he was born in Bethlehem to the womb of Mary, a virgin girl. Historians and archeologists have also believed that Jesus was born on this earth.

Before this, let us see these facts, let us know what evidence has been found of these facts. The world has two types of proofs of Jesus’ birth and existence on earth. They are – the inquiries and eyewitnesses conducted by two important historians who saw them and their work. Apart from this, the remains of that era have also been found, but their veracity has not yet been fully proved, that is because the remains of 2000 years ago are not easy to test.

Articles by historians

When Jesus was born, which took place at some time from 0 BC to 7 CE, there was no good process to record history. At that time the King-Maharaja used to write the history of his rule. Nevertheless, some Roman and Jewish historians recorded many things, which were later accepted by two important historians as true. Jewish historian – Flavius ​​Joseph, while writing the history of Jewish society, has clearly acknowledged the existence of Jesus Christ at that time. 20 years after Joseph’s death, two respected historians have acknowledged his existence on earth. These were two Roman historians, Pliny and Tacetus.

eyewitness account

Archaeologist Byron McCain has found the pool and all the places that were present in the Bible at the time of Jesus. Like the pool where Jesus sent a blind person to heal. Mecken says that only these remains do not prove that he was really on this earth, but there are many eyewitness accounts recorded in Roman history. McCain believes that thousands of people cannot imagine a person at once, with so many people saying the same thing, proving that Jesus was truly on this earth at a given time.

Now let’s look at the facts that are proof of Jesus being real

  1. Janam’s location has been proved correct

Historians say that Jesus was born in a small place called Nazareth, which is in Bethlehem. He was born in the time between the second and seventh ISA.

  1. The Word of Baptism Is True

The Bible states (Mark 1) that Jesus was baptized (a ritual in which a person believes that he believes in the living God) by a man named John. Archaeological experts have assumed that there was a person named John and such a ritual happened as stated in the Bible because there were many witnesses to that ritual, as well as it was proved that John shortly after this ceremony happened The king Herod was killed.

  1. They were crucified

The Bible states that Jesus was commanded by the Roman ruler named Pintus Pilate to be hanged on the cross. After Jesus died on the cross, it was dark for some time.

Many historians (especially the most famous historian named Takitus) have believed that in 21 (CE) there was a solar eclipse of 2 minutes and 59 seconds which corresponds to the time of his death. Crucifixion was a common practice at the time which was implemented by the Roman regime, the facts of which have been found.

  1. He used to heal

Many historians say that Jesus was considered to be a healer or healer at that time. Many of the witnesses recorded in history believed that they saw Jesus healing the disease and resurrecting the dead.

  1. Pilate Ruler’s Declaration Form

Archaeological experts have found the manifesto of Roman officer and ruler Pintius Pilate detailing the punishment for crucifying Jesus Christ. Also coincides with the time of his death and the time of Pilate’s reign.

What does the Bible say about Jesus?

It is written in the Bible that when Jesus was baptized, the heavens opened up, the Spirit of God descended on Jesus in the form of a dove and heard a voice from the sky – this is my dear son with whom I am very happy [Matthew 3: 16-27] This means that Jesus is the son of God who was sent to our sins on this earth.

You decide whether or not Jesus really was

Archaeological experts and historians have assumed that Jesus really came into the world. But you will find most information about them in the Bible. These are the same Jesus who gave his life for your sin and resurrected on the third day, because of this he also conquered death. You can find evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from his empty grave in Jerusalem and he also met about 500 people after his resurrection. Now it is up to you whether you want to believe in Jesus or not.

If you believe in Jesus today, he gives you the promise of eternal life today. Today, confess your sins and bring your trust in Jesus. For more information, message us. Come join us on this new floor!


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