Proof That Scope of Linguistics Really Works

Scope of linguistics has been promoted in many second language countries. The complete study of any language is called general linguistics because it concentrates core concept of language, theories, different models, underlying descriptions and methods.

Proof That Scope of Linguistics Really Works

Linguistics is purely scientific study of language. It deals with other social sciences like sociology, neurology, anthropology, and sociology and crime psychology. It is the broad concept where language is studied. There are many basic questions that are supposed to answer in linguistics such as, what are language and its nature? What function language does? What are the core functions of language? What is the difference between human and animal language. Why languages change by the time? What are the similarities and differences in all languages?


There is big misconception about linguistics is it just study English language. But In linguistics, we can study all other famous languages like French, Chinese, Urdu, and Russian. We can study the structure of these languages. As Saussure says language is the study of signs. Signs are actually words. How is linguistics the science?

The short answer is Linguistics study the language systematically and structurally. Same as scientist linguistic apply scientific principles and rules for discovering the nature of the language system. Linguist observes first the universities of language, test hypothesis and develop theories. That is why we say the job of the linguist is to describe the language not prescribe the language.

Learn The Philosophy Of Scope of Linguistics

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Language is very complex and it communicates with us as much as we use the language. There are many layers and facets of language. We can say language speaks everywhere. We human have the natural ability to speak, learn, understand, sharing ideas, emotions, feelings, thinking and everything which determine us to do an action is the language. Language plays a key role in human life. We can’t deny the importance of language. It is complex in nature. A linguist cannot study all the aspects of language at once. He can focus and study one aspect of language. This privilege has given scope of linguistics branches such as syntax, phonology, phonetics, stylistics, semantics and discourse analysis.  Each branch of linguistics has its own scope, for example, in phonology linguist will be interested to know how the sounds are used in language. How sounds are arranged and establish meaning in communication.

The study of sounds in linguistic communication led to the establishment of morpheme. How the signs and symbols are combined in words is called the study of morphology.


Then the branch of linguistics that deals with the set of rules and combination of words and phrase to create meaningful sentences is called syntax. Then we see that the modern approach of linguistics says that it is not essential to create grammatical sentences, language can be used as simply expressing the meanings. The issue of meaning is generally called semantics.

Meaning cannot be studied in isolation. Language communication does not occur in a room. When there is no society, there is no language. Every meaning has its context. The study of meaning within its context is called pragmatics.

Language cannot be lived in isolation. It is the more social connected phenomena. There are many social roles in society. Language consists of all social roles. For example, when you talk with your boss in office you adopt different kinds of linguistic choices. These linguistic choices you don’t use in your home and with family and friends. In certain social environment you change your language with different words and phrases. This suggests that language and society are closely connected because you use language according to the social background and social norms in the society. The study of language change AND how it’s used in society is called sociolinguistics.


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