How to promote the benefits of quality of life at work

One of the benefits of quality of life at work is to facilitate and meet the needs of workers in carrying out their activities through actions capable of promoting personal and professional development. Therefore, it must be present in all organizations.

With it, it is possible to achieve excellent results, since employees satisfied with the work environment tend to perform functions with more commitment and enthusiasm.

In this article, we will explore some benefits of quality of life at work, as well as being a company that promotes quality of life. Follow!

What is quality of life at work?

Also known by the acronym QVT, Quality of Life at Work refers to the level of satisfaction that the professional has in relation to their work environment.

The importance of caring for this experience to be motivating and a source of fulfillment is due to the fact that a person spends a good part of his time and, consequently, of his life within organizations performing their professional activities.

Therefore, your life as a whole influences and is influenced by work.

The management of quality of life at work encompasses a large number of circumstances, among which we can mention:

  • the opportunities offered to employees to develop their skills;
  • the internal and social integration provided by the company;
  • safety and health conditions;
  • the wages and benefits commensurate with the duties performed etc.

For this reason, it is essential that the company seeks to carry out a good management of people and through an organizational diagnosis it finds situations that can negatively impact employee satisfaction.

Often, it is not major failures that generate dissatisfaction. But small carelessness that accumulates over time and compromises the quality of life at work.

When an organization is concerned with the benefits of the quality of life of its employees, it is also taking care and improving its results. This reflects on an investment with great positive return.

What are the benefits of quality of life at work?

QVT promotes well-being, health and several other fundamental benefits in the daily lives of men and women at work. Check out how both employees and companies win:


1. Reduction of turnover

The turnover , a term meaning staff turnover, is used for the area of Human Resources (HR) to assess the average rate between admissions and dismissals.

If this number is too high, it can pose a major threat to corporate health and safety, reflecting in situations such as:

  • increased costs with dismissals and replacements of employees;
  • drop in motivation and, consequently, in productivity;
  • in the medium and long term, reduction in the quality of products and / or services, reflecting on the company’s image.

Organizations that invest in the well-being of their professionals have lower rates of turnover, since the lack of this aspect is one of the main reasons for voluntary dismissals .


2. Talent retention

As a direct consequence of the reduction in turnover, as well as the investment in the benefits of quality of life at work, talent retention occurs .

Valuing employees is essential to reduce costs and also to ensure that the processes are carried out by experienced professionals and aligned with business objectives.

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3. Health improvements

The stress in the workplace can cause various problems such as:

  • absenteeism;
  • presenteeism (working without focus thinking about other things);
  • demotivation;
  • diseases;
  • leaves;
  • interpersonal conflicts, among others.

All of this reflects in lost productivity and, consequently, profitability. Therefore, offering conditions – which go beyond the financial scope of wages and benefits – so that everyone feels healthy and satisfied is extremely important.


4. Results optimization

All of these benefits of quality of life at work reflect directly and positively on the organization’s results.

It is like a virtuous circle: satisfied employees work with more performance, producing more and with higher quality. With that, the company has more profit.

How to have quality of life at work?

Some actions contribute to the QVT being successfully adopted in any business. Check out what they are:


– Offer financial well-being

We live in a time when HR must take on, once and for all, its multifunctional and strategic side for the qualification of the workforce of its companies. Often, taking the reins of conditions external to the work environment, but which impact on the professional routine. This is the case with financial well-being for employees.

And, as an example of this practice, a new modality reached the Brazilian market: wages on demand .

The CareerBuilder survey, conducted in 2017, attested that 78% of respondents are barely able to settle accounts with their salary .

In addition, of the more than 3,000 respondents, about ¾ of them also attested that they have one or more accumulated debts. Clear sign that something needs to be changed, agree?

On- demand pay is a modality that has been gaining momentum in the market and aims to add flexibility so that employees receive for hours worked, but not yet paid. Something that alleviates many of the financial problems – and those generated by the challenges of closing accounts.

Let’s look at a simple example: if the company has the habit of making payments for its human resources only on the 30th, or on the fifth business day of each month, professionals are limited to that .

If a pending account will earn interest in that period when there is no more money in the account, the debts will accumulate. However, with the offer of the salary on demand, the professional can receive the payment of the days already worked whenever he wants. Best of all, he has the flexibility to plan his month.

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– Investing in employees

Many managers still underestimate the investment in training and qualifications for their employees.

However, these professional development tools are proven to be effective in motivating and increasing productivity and the quality of the activities carried out.


– Ensuring a healthy environment

Be attentive and available to hear what your team has to say when asked about working conditions, as, generally, the satisfaction of employees lies in the details.

For example, an environment with acoustic and thermal comfort and good lighting, a suitable table, a comfortable chair, well-functioning equipment, etc.


– Valuing talents

A job well done needs to be valued and the professional needs to be recognized, praised and congratulated in front of colleagues, because this attitude is motivating.

It is also important to have a career plan, with promotions in the company, both in terms of salaries and positions.


– Evaluate performance and provide feedback

Establishing a performance and feedback assessment routine provides numerous benefits to the organization. This is a simple and free tool.

However, it is necessary that it is appropriate for the team and that the techniques used do not address only the negative points. In addition, offering solutions to adjust bad behavior is also part of an efficient feedback strategy.


– Instigate the discovery of motivations

The company can create dynamics that instigate reflection on the dreams and motivations of each employee , always assisting the process with professional guidance. You can ask questions such as:

  • where does he want to go?
  • what have you done to achieve your dreams?
  • how can the corporation help?

After this process of self-knowledge, the team will be better able to recognize the importance of their contribution and to achieve the defined goals and objectives.


– Stimulate the practice of labor gymnastics

Labor gymnastics, in addition to promoting greater care for the body, increase the willingness to carry out the work.

Making repetitive movements continuously, working for hours sitting, staying in uncomfortable positions for a long time, among other situations, is bad for the body and mind, damaging the quality of life of employees.

Therefore, encourage your team to practice gymnastics before or during the work period. It is also worth hiring a specialized professional for this.

Promoting the benefits of quality of life at work is an essential element for employees to feel satisfied and motivated to carry out their activities, helping the company to achieve its objectives and improve its results.


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