Probably 5 reasons why you are not rich yet

It is not a crime to be rich, we want everyone less rich. Some do not publish and no one does. You still have no idea why you can become rich yet. Then there are some things in general. Today I am trying to highlight the reasons why this article is not so rich.

A mother’s income or income

Did you know that the average of the millionaires ($) in our world, have 4 mediums to earn money? Which means they earn money from six sources every month. Since your source of income is 1 Ma, I could not be rich.

You spend like the rich

Check your daily expenditure once. Try to spend in line with your income. Depending on whether you can be rich or not, how much money you can deposit daily.

Not the right plan

Whether you get rich depends on how much money you have to deposit before you spend money. So a proper plan has to be made and accordingly it has to go ahead.

Could not understand sleeping money and living money

Do not keep the money you deposit every month to keep you alive, do not understand it. With money you have to invest money, or you can not get rich. Read more: Sleeping Money vs. Living Money

Not keeping account of costs

This is one of the reasons that our eyes are in the gut. You are not writing down how much money you are earning every month and how much money you are spending in a sector. As a result, you are not able to understand how you are spending extra money in some sectors.

Buy and sell products on sale

When you buy a product on sale, you become indebted. The problem with this area is that the surplus product is purchased. Suppose you do the market once a month from one store, and even after buying all the products on the market list, you still look at the product in the store, because you are buying in the bakery, so stop buying the bakery from today.

You have to contend in life

Yes, you have to struggle to grow up. So the whole life? To be rich, to change, to take on the challenge, to work hard from honest to success. Never lose patience

by Abdullah Sam
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