Private pension or Investing on your own

News about pension reform, heated the discussion about retirement. If you care about your family well in the future, this matter interests you.

There are currently a number of pension plan options. But in the midst of so many options you need to be aware and take some precautions. After all, there are other costs associated with the pension plan.

First, we need to understand that a pension plan is a pension fund. As with any investment fund, there is an administration fee. Often, these fees are impractical and can compromise your investment in the long run.

Pension plans also charge a charging fee. This fee is charged when you enter the plan. What are discounted for each application you make. That is, each time you apply more money this fee may be charged. That is why it is important to compare products and identify which investment will be most profitable.

Nowadays there are many pension plans that do not charge a loading fee. Which already helps you to define some elimination criteria.

Is a pension plan really necessary?

If you look at the financial market, you will see other alternatives to invest that money. After all, why hire a pension plan if it has a predictable portfolio?

Because instead of leaving that to the burden of a pension plan, you don’t even build your own portfolio according to what a plan would do?

Perhaps, wouldn’t it be more interesting to put your capital into other types of investment? Escape even investment funds to eliminate undesirable fees?

Recalling that an investment fund means the outsourcing of a service. You put your money in an investment fund trusting a manager and your strategy.

If you are unfamiliar with the financial market and do not understand strategy, you may feel comfortable paying a management fee.

Hire a manager to conduct a strategy you trust. Perhaps it is more comfortable to have confidence in a manager who has knowledge of all the tools to make investments in your place.

After all, choosing a good pension plan can bring profits that are worth the investment.

Pension on own account 

Now, if you have knowledge about the financial market and understand strategies?

Should you give up a pension fund to invest on your own? Is it more worthwhile to build your pension through a home broker?

First, some caveats should be made. If you decide to do this right away, right from your home broker, this may not be feasible.

First, it is necessary to have a market monitoring strategy. Know what is worth investing in and what is not worth investing in. You need to spend extra time. After all, this job of the pension fund manager will be assigned to you.

Investment on your own will also require an organization from you. You need to survey what you paid for each title. Observe how much you have profited from selling this title. Assess what was withdrawn by the scholarship. There is also the DARF that needs to be filled out.

So there is a lot of care. A series of steps that involve this process. You need to assess whether all of this work will be rewarded with profit. If it is really not worthwhile to enter into a fixed income fund strategy or even a pension fund strategy.

What is the ideal way to make your pension?

Well, it depends on the investor profile that you fit. Regardless of your profile, you can search for information to change that, if your goal is different.

Investors who do not have knowledge and do not have time prefer to invest in pension funds.

Investors who have the knowledge, but don’t have the time, can benefit from a pension fund portfolio, for example.

People who have time and knowledge can benefit from the option of using the home broker. Deepen in a market strategy to make acquisitions. The Stock Exchange has a series of technologies to help you make assertive choices.

Given all these options, the choice of how your pension will be built is entirely yours.

Responsibility for results as well. So, think carefully before choosing which ideal path. Seek guidance from a financial coach always bet on the best for you.


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