Preventill Immuno: Zinc and Moringa supplement

To support the immune defenses, the Preventill Immuno zinc supplement uses liposomal zinc and Moringa oleifera, a plant rich in natural antioxidants.To live long and “healthy” we must maintain the efficiency of our immune defenses.Nutrition and lifestyle, determine the quality of our life and influence the ability of our immune system to react.

Weak immune defenses and oxidative stress

Now we know, thanks to scientific research that the enemy to fight to maintain high defenses is oxidative stress. The oxidative stress causes premature aging and cell degeneration and weakening of our defense capabilities .

Oxidative processes are “physiological” chemical reactions that increase beyond measure, due to stress, inadequate nutrition, environmental and food pollution.

  1. The poor modern diet(refined and chemical)
  2. foods without vital elements(white flour, sugars, alcohol)
  3. food rich in pollutants ( pesticides, chemical additives, heavy metals)
  4. air pollution,
  5. little physical activity
  6. non-physiological life rhythms

They are all factors that increase oxidative stress and at the same time weaken our defensive abilities towards everything. (from the simple virus, to the waste products of our metabolism)

The immune system must defend us from

  • Virus
  • bacteria,
  • From the waste produced continuously by our body.
  • Cancer cells,
  • Dead cells,
  • Toxic substances ingested with food.

Our immunity works thanks to small amounts of vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, and all those precious substances that also promote protection from the effects of free radicals.

Hence the need for a correct diet and a suitable integration of antioxidants .

Preventill Immuno: Minerals and antioxidants to strengthen the natural defenses

Today we analyze a supplement formulated to support the physiological immune defenses and counteract the oxidative processes: Preventill Immuno by ABC Trading.

The formulation of Preventill Immuno is based on 2 elements Zinc (in Liposomal version) and Moringa oleifera (Leaves) for a “simple” but effective combination.

Moringa oleifera

The moringa is the plant with the greatest number of nutrients: as many as 92 substances including amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals … … so much that it is traditionally called “The tree of life”.

Moringa oleifera is also valuable for the following benefits:

  • It is among the plants with the highest antioxidant activity (157,000 orac scale)
  • Contains 46 types of different antioxidants
  • Contains sulfolan antioxidants that are not consumed in redox reactions
  • Sulfolans protect the respiratory level
  • Stimulates the production of vital antioxidant systems (SOD)

The moringa is rich in antioxidants (sulforan isothiocyanates) which are substances with an antioxidant action different from the most known carotenoids or polyphenols.

These compounds stimulate the production of natural enzyme systems within our body (SOD glutathione peroxidase) and do not participate directly in the oxidation-reduction reactions (antioxidants are destroyed in this phase). They stay in circulation for a longer time, exercising a more lasting action.

Zinc and immune defenses

Zinc is an essential trace element mineral to support and regulate the functions of the immune system. It is so important that its deficiency causes tumor predisposition due to decreased immune defenses .

The Liposomal Zinc used in Preventill Immuno

The majority of people (about 70-80%) suffer from zinc deficiency , mainly due to its absence in modern food products (refining). In many cases, its nutritional supplementation is recommended.

The most common difficulty in integrating minerals is related to poor intestinal absorption . Some chemical forms, such as carbonates, are assimilated in a very low percentage (10-20). For a mineral such as Zinc whose reference nutritional value is only 10 mg a day, it becomes even more important to ensure adequate bioavailability.

One of the most effective forms of conveying minerals is to use phospholipid transporters called LIPOSOMES , able to overcome the barrier of the stomach and thus allow assimilation at the intestinal level.

The liposome that carries zinc in this formulation is derived from sunflower oil. This technology is more expensive than others, but guarantees a total absorption of the integrated mineral.

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