How to prevent summer otitis in children

Otitis is an ear infection caused by inflammation and infection of the middle ear, which is located behind the eardrum. Also known as “swimmer’s ear,” otitis is characterized by severe pain that can sometimes be accompanied by fever.

According to the Spanish Pediatric Association (APE), between 80 and 90% of children will suffer some case of otitis in their first years of life . Children and babies are the most vulnerable to it, especially during the winter, but since they spend a lot of time in the water during the summer, the infection often appears, caused by the water in the pool or on the beach.

In order to avoid this common childhood infection, Joan Francesc Horvath, head of Audiology at Optics & University Audilogy, lists some guidelines for action for children in summer:

  • Prevent the entry of water into the ear canalor with the use of custom bath plugs. They adapt to the shape of the ear regardless of the size of the ear. These colored caps are available at University Audiology centers.

● Make sure that the little ones do not spend a long time submerged in the water.

  • At the end of the bath, tilt your head so that the water falls and dry your ears, giving light blows or using seawater diffusers to clean the area of ​​any foreign body.
  • Dry the ears well. Very carefully and loosely, use the corner of a towel or gauze. Avoid using swabs all the way down. In University Audiology centers they have a specific product to dry the ears.
  • It is advisablethat children who are more prone to otitis prioritize salt water to that of the pool.

In the event that otitis is complicated, it is important to go to a pediatrician to study the case and propose the most appropriate treatment.


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