How to preserve yerba mate for longer?

For a true chimarrão lover, seeing an old yerba mate, or even moldy, is a very unpleasant situation. And so we made this text especially for you to learn how to conserve your yerba mate and have a chimarrão always fresh and tasty. Let’s check it out?

Leave the herb in the packaging or not?

Depending on the weather and the environment, you can leave your yerba mate inside the packaging, as long as you keep it tightly closed.

However, in environments with high humidity and heat, it is best to keep the product in a suitable place.

Keep your yerba mate well stored

Storing your yerba mate in a cold, dark and dry place is essential to keep it always fresh. For this reason, many like to store it in pots, once opened, and place it directly in the refrigerator. Don’t worry, your herb will not change in consistency, let alone temperature, when you take it out for use!



What better container to store yerba mate?

The best option for storing your yerba mate and not running the risk of seeing it mold over time are airtight pots. By blocking the total passage of air, these pots prevent moisture and odors from contaminating your herb, making it perfect for your mate.

And when traveling, how to store Yerba Mate?

For those who are going to take the road, it is best to take a packet, where you can transport the yerba mate in its packaging and all the other items of your mate.

For those who are going to transport yerba mate in a suitcase or backpack, it is best to store it in ziploc pots or bags . But, if you decide to take it in the packaging itself, no problem, just make sure that the packaging is well sealed so that the other items do not contaminate your herb, and also so that you do not end up dirtying all your things.

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