How to prepare a practical romantic evening in 3 steps

Staying in pajamas on the couch with your husband or boyfriend can even be very nice for those days of tiredness and laziness…. But every now and then you need to get out of the routine and know how to prepare a romantic evening , don’t you agree?

In this article I will talk about some important secrets to ensure a romantic evening that strengthens the bonds between you!

1.  What does a romantic night need to have?

2.  Preparing a romantic dinner

3.  Romantic and spicy evening

After reading this text, I am sure that you will feel safer and better prepared to have incredible nights with your partner! Good reading!

The beginning of relationships is always marked by these special occasions: candlelight dinners, meetings in elegant restaurants, spicy evenings … Over time, however, it is normal for the couple to get into routine and complicity , leaving aside these more romantic moments .

They must not, however, be overlooked within the routine of a relationship! The nights and romantic moments are very important to keep the couple always close, without letting the weather cool down.

For this reason, in this article I decided to share some tips that will help you prepare a romantic night of those to keep in mind!

1. How to prepare a romantic evening? What does she need to have?

There are no miraculous secrets on how to prepare a romantic evening , see? So, before you plan your special night, you will need to take some important points to plan it! See what they are:

What is your style?

There is no couple like the other: if you have had other relationships, you have certainly realized that what works for one man may not have the least grace for the other. So, when thinking about how to prepare a  romantic evening , consider your style: do you like intimacy or going out on the street more? Do you value flowers and candlelight or do you find it tacky? Do you want quiet moments or strong emotions? The night needs to have the couple’s face to work!

What is part of your story?

In addition, it is always cool to remember what is part of your story. Is there a restaurant that brings good times? A wine they drank on the first date? A song that you chose like yours? These elements, when present on a romantic evening , make the atmosphere even more special! Not to mention that they help to remember what was present while falling in love with each other.

At home, at the restaurant, on the beach, in the woods…

Finally, the last tip is about choosing the location. It doesn’t make any sense for you to go to a sophisticated restaurant when you have a cool style. Likewise, you cannot stay at home if the children are sleeping in the next room and you have to control their desires and emotions … Think of a scenario that has meaning for you and that, at the same time, allows you to live a magical night !

You can get out of the rut here too … How about renting a cottage in the countryside? Choose an inn near the beach? Or even completely change the look of your home?

The main element for a real romantic night? Undoubtedly respect your taste and history! There is no magic formula for romanticism that works for all couples!

2. Preparing a romantic dinner

If the option is to stay at home, which I always think is a good choice to be comfortable with, you will need to think about a romantic dinner to impress your partner. But this is where many women make mistakes: nothing to prepare the dish he loves, like pasta or risotto. Besides you need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you two will end up with a full stomach … Then, instead of going to bed to make fantasies, you really want to have a good night’s sleep!

Want to know how to prepare a simple romantic evening? It is best to bet on simple and light dishes, such as vegetables and white meat. Remember that the important thing for the night is not the food itself, but the whole romantic atmosphere that will be created.

Choose a light drink, such as sparkling wine or wine, modify the lighting for a more intimate atmosphere (candles are cheap and help a lot at this time!), Use some pillows to make the environment more comfortable … Anyway, there are several ways to prepare one romantic evening and a practical dinner, you just need to use your creativity and think about what it means to you!

When it comes to preparing a romantic dinner, don’t worry about being the best cook in the world. What matters is to have a light and tasty dish and, mainly, that does not disturb the atmosphere of the night! Every now and then I bet on something I can buy ready and give my finishing touch.

3. Romantic and spicy night!

Now what are we most interested in? Surely you are not reading this article because you want to have a good dinner and then go to bed to sleep, right?

romantic evening can end in a very spicy atmosphere, heating the atmosphere between the couple! It is enough that you are willing to live moments full of intimacy and romanticism. Here are some tips:

  • Start teasing your partner before the night even begins by sending suggestive messages to your cell phone.
  • Throughout the romantic evening, make suggestions of what will come next and also try to hear from him what you are waiting for.
  • Bet on foreplay to drive you crazy. How about doing a sensual dance to start? Men are easily excited by what they see.
  • Wear a beautiful lingerie! Nothing to arrive on the romantic night with beige panties or a reducing strap to measure … Feel beautiful the way you are and choose that lingerie that values ​​your shapes.
  • Don’t be afraid to propose erotic games or to use toys during sex. If you are not used to using accessories, at least a massage gel can test, right?
  • Innovate in sexual positions . Daddy and mommy might work, but wasn’t the idea to have a night out of the routine? There is an entire kama sutra to inspire you …

To close your romantic evening with a flourish, be open to new experiences in bed and feel good about yourself! Confident, well-resolved women drive a man crazy simply by being themselves!

Make your days and nights more romantic!

Now that you have valuable tips for preparing a romantic evening , it’s time to put them into practice! This is the kind of attitude that cannot be left for later, or ends up falling into the routine of the relationship itself.

Do not wait for a specific date like Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary to propose a special night, the relationship does not need to follow so many rules if the idea is to get out of the routine, don’t you think?

Surprise your partner by inviting him to this moment for two! But not only that: bring romanticism to the day-to-day relationship, putting more emotion in the little moments! Send messages of love , demonstrate your feelings and propose activities that take you out of your routine!

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