Potassium Permanganate (Potassium Permanganate) Potassium permanganate benefits 9 items!

potassium permanganate

Permanganate or potassium permanganate Cooper ( : Potassium Permanganate – chemical formula: KMnO 4 ) is a chemical Inorganic (inorganic) species that resembles a crystal or purple crystals. Good solubility in water When dissolved in water, a purple or pinkish purple solution is obtained. This depends on the amount and concentration.

Chemically, we consider alkali quenching as a type of salt. Which has a weak alkaline activity and has strong oxidation properties (Oxidation) is currently used in the kitchen, boat or in various industries.

Benefits of potassium permanganate

  1. Potassium permanganate has been reported to be used to treat hemorrhoids. It was found that it can reduce or relieve the inflammation and swelling of the hemorrhoidal wound. By the effect of astringent astringent (Astringent) of potassium permanganate. Including the ability to be a Local Anti-Infective Due to the Strong Oxidizing Agent (usually hemorrhoids suppositories contain drugs with astringent effect Which this substance is responsible for reducing inflammation and swelling of the hemorrhoidal wound)
  2. Potassium permanganate can be used to wash wounds to kill germs.
  3. Yes, disinfect wounds caused by lymphatic damage. (Makes the wound heal slowly Or even if it’s healed, it still leaves marks), which will help make the wound heal better With the introduction of plain or warm water (Do not overheat) pour into the basin. After that, pour potassium permanganate powder into the pink water. And stir well After that, soak the arms and legs or the desired part. Looking for a large basin is not enough to soak Then use the hand to draw water and gently rub the wound (rub it, not rub) for about 20-30 minutes, which can be done as often as needed. But the old ash man suggested that To do it in the evening (18.00-20.00), it will help with the spa as well.
  4. Potassium permanganate is used in various industries as an oxidation agent such as textile bleaching industry. Bleached textile fibers Dyeing wood and fabric etc.
  5. Part used in the household Potassium permanganate can be used as a good antiseptic, fungicide and bacteria in fruits and vegetables. It is commonly mixed with water (use about 4-5 flakes mixed with about 4-5 liters of water) and soak fruits and vegetables. Including various meats, which not only help kill germs but But can also be used to clean the residual chemicals in vegetables and fruits as well
  6. Potassium permanganate can be used to disinfect water, antifungal, bacteria. As well as seaweed And can be used as a bleaching agent But must be left for at least 30 minutes and then can continue to use the water. (Not drinking water.) As in the case of urgent need during the flood, there is no clean water used. In addition, potassium permanganate with a concentration of 1-4% can also be used to eliminate contaminated iron and magnesium in water. And can also get rid of the smell of the soil, the smell of the water as well
  7. It is also commonly used for cleaning aquariums, fish ponds, fish ponds to kill germs, fungi and eliminate bacteria. With the opening of water into the cabinet and put potassium permanganate down to soak and leave it for 1 night, just as it will help to kill various germs to a certain extent. Because some fish are very sensitive to foreign matter And may make the fish sick or have abnormal symptoms Also in the aquarium, some of you will bring items to decorate for beauty. Whether it is trees, water, rocks, logs, etc. For confidence before putting them in the aquarium. We should be soaked in water before potassium permanganate.
  8. Used to clean fresh food used to raise fish. (Because some fish will eat fresh food such as water mites, red worms, larvae, red earthworms, etc.) by bringing those fresh foods soaked in concentrated potassium permanganate 0.5-1 g per 1 liter of water and leave for about 10-20 minutes. Kills germs that may be attached to food. Then rinse with clean water several times or run from tap to flow through fresh food for a while. Until the water running through is clear and not purple.
  9. Other benefits are such as odor control. Used in the analysis of iron Sterilize worms eggs, etc.

How to use potassium permanganate

Since people may not have tools in measuring or weighing, so use the easiest way. With the way of looking at the color Which is a close estimate If it is used to disinfect water by gradually adding potassium permanganate to it and stir it first. Then observe the color at which level The colors that can be used at a safe level are light pink (5th bottle) or light purple (3rd bottle) (middle bottle or 3rd bottle will start to darken and bottle 1-2 from the far left will Too dark And harm to the skin)

If it is light pink, it is estimated to have a concentration of about 1 part per million, but if the solution is purple, it is estimated that there is a concentration of about 1 part per 76,000, which is already beginning to harm the skin. If using potassium permanganate to disinfect water, it must be left for at least 30 minutes before using the water.

However, the use of potassium permanganate at a high concentration in each cut is used. To be weighed in grams It is important to measure your weight correctly. And not recommended to measure in a teaspoon Because it will be inaccurate and there will be a lot of deviations.

Harm of potassium permanganate

Although potassium permanganate is useful in various disinfectants, but that does not mean that potassium permanganate is safe and can be eaten without harm to the body. I want everyone to remember that ” All substances are toxic. There are no toxic substances at all. The amount that gets into your body is what is worse substances that enter the body to toxic or beneficial , “This is the word of” Paracelsus “(Paracelsus) father of the field of toxicology discussed here.

  • From the said statement, it is true that ” no substance is non-toxic ” means that potassium permanganate is the same. But using it must be used in the right amount, it is safe And its use must be used carefully Because potassium permanganate is a chemical that can residue and adversely affect our body, for example, in washing vegetables or fruits, it should use only 4-5 flakes of potassium permanganate mixed with 4-5 liters of water (this is the right proportion. ) And then bring the fruits and vegetables to soak in potassium permanganate water and leave for about 30 minutes, when finished soaking, wash the vegetables and fruits with clean water several times, after washing it must be left for at least 30 minutes to be able to Can be eaten safely
  • With the properties of potassium permanganate that is a substance that can react violently and can burn when exposed to some solutions. Therefore should be careful when storing with other substances And put it out of reach of children
  • Use of potassium permanganate must be careful not to touch the skin directly. Because it will make the skin dry and flaky Or, if the solution is very concentrated, it will cause redness, pain, burns, or brown spots. Therefore, it should not be picked up by hand.
  • Should be careful not to allow potassium permanganate into the eyes or blown into the eyes. Because potassium permanganate is light crystals When using lap, you must look carefully at the wind direction. Because it can cause diffusion and then get into the eyes Or you can wear goggles or pilot glasses when you lap too. Because if it gets in your eyes, it will make your vision blurry and may cause blindness. If it gets into your eyes, immediately rinse with clean water several times and see a doctor immediately.
  • If it is inhaled, it can cause irritation, cough and shortness of breath. Therefore should not be inhaled
  • But if potassium permanganate is swallowed, whether it is in a solid or liquid state at high concentrations. Will cause severe burns of the stomach Have edema Low blood pressure And may cause death It was found that at a concentration of only 1%, it can burn the throat. Have nausea and vomiting And stomach ache The concentration of 2-3% will cause anemia, swelling and suffocation.
  • Potassium permanganate powder may splash onto clothes. And damage the clothes as usual Because I can’t wash
  • Direct contact with potassium permanganate will make the hands and nails brown. Makes it very difficult to wash off or have to wait for it to fade on its own. But it also takes a period of several days (Or you can use lemon juice to rub it off)
  • Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizer. Can explode when strong vibration occurs. Or being exposed to heat, flame, and abrasion And contact with oxidizing agents will cause severe burns. As for the hermetically sealed containers, they can explode when heated. (This material is not combustible But is a strong oxidizing agent When exposed to the heat generated by the reaction with the reducing Or a substance that can ignite will cause ignition)
  • Potassium permanganate storage Should be kept in a closed container. Keep inside dry and cool place. Good ventilation Avoid keeping it on the wooden floor. Separated from incompatible substances such as organic, combustible or easily oxidized substances. And should be kept separate from any heat or ignition source (containers of this material may present a hazard in an empty tank with residue).

Where can you buy potassium permanganate?

In general pharmacies Chemical shop Or in a fish food store Or share to buy at the flea market or general grocery store As for the jar as in the picture below, it should be about 15-20 baht per jar.


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