Postpartum Vagina: What to expect and how to soothe the pain

The birth of a baby puts your vagina through a lot of trauma. Your toddler’s head, which is the size of a melon, should fit snugly, inevitably leading to pain and discomfort.

After birth, your vagina is likely to swell as your baby’s head squeezes slightly. In fact, 95 percent of mothers will experience perineal dizziness for the first time. You may need stitches and depending on the severity of the tear, the recovery will take anywhere from weeks to months.

Activities such as coughing, sneezing and bowel movements are likely to cause discomfort. A vagina that itches after birth may indicate that your wounds are healing.

Another unpleasant birth effect is locia – a vaginal discharge of blood, mucus and uterine tissue that lasts for six to eight weeks.

Swelling is also common and dryness can occur due to hormonal changes. It is likely to return to normal within a few months, but some women report that their vagina is loose after childbirth.

How to soothe your vagina after giving birth?

Vaginal pain can last for days or weeks. Below you can find some ways to relieve pain.

A hot bath

It is common for mothers to damage their perineum for the first time during a vaginal birth. To soothe the pain, fill a bath with hot water. This increases blood flow by helping to heal and repair tissues faster.

Soothing spray

Lidocaine, found in pharmacies, can also help relieve pain associated with tears or hemorrhoids.

Comfortable clothes

You will feel more relaxed if you pack your pillow, clothes, pajamas and toothbrush to have in the hospital or maternity ward. Also use loose and comfortable underwear.

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