Positive thinking doesn’t save business, but positive attitudes do

At some point in your career you must have dealt with people who say that the first step to having a successful business is to keep your mind positive.

There is absolutely no reason to suspect that looking at reality and taking a more positive side out of it influences the success of an enterprise.

Now the point here is that together with the motivation to achieve considerable goals, it not only starts with a different attitude towards mentality, but there is also a practical reality that is essential.

Better than just worrying about creating a way to create a positive environment in your team , you need to get your hands dirty and encourage and influence people to act and react.

A little motivation generates enthusiasm that generates engagement

Although many leaders believe only in their ability to manage people, there is no possible context for success in processes if you don’t say less and do more.

The dimension of motivation needs to generate a different enthusiasm in the team and make them feel identified to the point that there is a natural engagement.

There is nothing worse than keeping an employee in a certain role or task and having to keep wearing out so that they understand the reason for being there and their commitment and responsibilities.

Motivating people is much more than bringing an exciting word at the beginning of the day, at the beginning of the month or at any time. The best motivation is when, as managers, we provide a work environment where motivation is natural, that enthusiasm can always be present and that engagement is native to the team members.

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Invest in real education

One of the most concrete ways to have more profitable and satisfied employees is to make a management that values ​​the education and maturation of people not only professionally, but personally.

Try, within your conditions, to provide basic psychological support, to bring people who challenge you, to facilitate meetings with people they admire, and especially to create a practical area that develops workshops, workshops, classes with techniques and training that deliver tangible things .

Create a culture of doing

Managers have great difficulty in entrusting tasks, delegating and believing in potential people. In general, he prefers to take on more complex tasks and ends up shielding his teams from maturing in front of a more concrete reality in their market.

When we create a culture of assuming responsibilities, we encourage employees to adopt a more conscious and self-perceived value. It is clear that the dimension of projecting discourse for teams has the effect of pushing people towards the spirit , but try to perform small tasks in which people are surprised with what they can do.

This can be a very important tool to give gas to unmotivated employees and perhaps resume communication adjusted to the company’s strategies and culture.

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