Pompoirism: exercises for a more pleasurable sex life

Pompoirism , after all what is it? In short, we can define it as a style of intimate gymnastics, which consists of different movements of contraction and relaxation of the vaginal canal.

We warn you that this is not a training for a circus performance!

Pompoirism aims to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, contributing to women’s health and greater sexual pleasure.

Basic exercises can be practiced without any major difficulties – and the benefits soon appear!

Due to the notorious results, the technique grows in popularity and arouses the interest of women who want greater harmony with their own bodies – in addition to achieving and providing unprecedented pleasures during sex.

How about experimenting? Find out all about pompoirism in this post!

Discover the health benefits of pompoirism

As we said, pompoarism is a form of gymnastics and, as such, acts by strengthening the musculature. In this case, the muscles of the urethra, vaginal sphincter, clitoris, vaginal canal (1st, 2nd and 3rd rings) and anus are benefited. As a result, intimate health is favored.

To give you an idea, see what dysfunctions it helps and what improvements it is capable of promoting:

  • prevents urinary incontinence and, in certain cases, solves the problem;
  • it is effective for treating fecal incontinence;
  • help at the time of delivery and in the recovery of postpartum vaginal tone;
  • benefits the blood supply to the pelvic region;
  • increases lubrication;
  • reduces or eliminates menstrual cramps;
  • assists in the control of vaginismus ;
  • improves bowel function;
  • can resolve cases of anorgasmia ;
  • prevents the bladder from falling;
  • regularizes the flow and menstrual cycle;
  • reduces vaginal flaccidity;
  • decreases menopausal symptoms;
  • prevents fibroids;
  • it is indicated for the treatment of dyspareunia (pain during sex).

Who can practice pompoirism? Are there any contraindications?

Although lavish in benefits, pompoirism , like other physical exercises , should be discussed with the doctor. Especially when certain preconditions exist, such as:

  • pregnancy (usually, the practice is released after the third month of pregnancy);
  • endometriosis;
  • fallen bladder;
  • vaginismus;
  • dyspareunia;
  • fibroids (exercises are not recommended when there are growth tumors);
  • recent surgeries;
  • urinary infections (during crises, pompoirism should not be performed);
  • candidiasis.

Why does pompoarism help with sex?

The Pompoir as well as other practices – among which the tantric massage is a great example – adept achievement because it is attuned to the understanding of sexuality as an inseparable aspect of quality of life.

Female pleasure is no longer a taboo. Therefore, women seek resources to get to know their bodies better, investing in the discovery of sexual practices that make them as satisfied as their partners.

For a long time, articles that proposed to discuss sexual relations placed men as protagonists, suggesting that women should dedicate themselves to “pleasing them”.

The great interest in pompoarism is proof that this notion has become obsolete. The woman is no longer subject to being in the background.

Today, we understand that good sex (really!) Is that practiced by couples who seek mutual pleasure. And for that, nothing is more effective than understanding your own libido and the body’s possibilities. Intimate gymnastics plays an important role in this process of self – knowledge .

Yes, the partner gains a lot with practice! But the focus of the woman who decides to learn the techniques of pompoarism must be herself, because it is her self-esteem , confidence and empowerment that are emphasized, before anything.

Benefits of pompoarism for sex

  • Vaginal contractions, which are part of the exercises, release estrogen, which causes a significant increase in libido.
  • When working on the genital region, the woman stimulates local sensitivity, which brings much more pleasure to sexual relations.
  • With the strengthening of the pelvic muscles and greater stimulation of nerve endings, orgasms become more frequent and intense.
  • It favors lubrication, making penetration more pleasurable.
  • With greater control and strengthening of the vagina, the woman is able to delay the ejaculation of the partner (squeezing the base of the penis), making the sex longer and more exciting, for both.
  • Spice up the relationship , as new sensations and experiences are provided when the woman is able to control the vaginal muscles, impressing strength and variety of movements during penetration.

How to practice pompoirism?

There are several face-to-face and online courses that offer precise guidance and prevent wrong moves from being made.

If you are interested in the subject, take the time to research these options! We invested so much in courses for professional qualifications, why neglect sexuality , too, as a focus for improvement? After all, the benefits of this type of learning are even more impressive when we think about our happiness and personal fulfillment.

Likewise, it is worth the tip to dedicate yourself to meeting a good sex therapist (or sexologist ), who is the most appropriate health professional to talk about all issues regarding sex, including disorders, discomfort and trauma .

Like pompoirism, sexual therapy is a rising trend, being recommended to everyone who wants greater quality in their intimate relationships, especially for those who experience some psychological obstacle, inhibition or difficulty.

Platforms like Vittude can facilitate the search for a psychologist who meets specific requirements to meet everyone who needs follow-up. Access our website and check for yourself all the opportunities offered!

Basic pompoir exercises

This text does not exclude the indication that a qualified professional is consulted! But we can present some bases of the techniques, so you can start to understand the subject.

Let’s go a step by step?

  1. Try to be on an empty stomach to practice the exercises in order to avoid discomfort.
  2. Empty your bladder as the retention of urine can cause urinary infections.
  3. One of the simplest exercises is contraction and relaxation. You can do it lying down, sitting or even standing (when you have a little practice time and want to enjoy moments like bath time to practice). When you contract, you will feel the vagina and anus closing, as if they are being sucked in. Hold in that position for 2 to 5 seconds. Then, relax your muscles, resting for another 5 seconds. Repeat this series 10 times.
  4. Another tip for contracting the region is to simulate the movement we make when we want to hold the pee. The same method applies: hold for 2 to 5 seconds, then relax.
  5. Sit in a chair, with your legs ajar. Contract your muscles, as if you are closing the entrance to the vagina. Keep your abdomen compressed while doing this exercise. Hold for 2 to 5 seconds and gradually increase the time. Repeat 10 times.
  6. To strengthen the vaginal rings, you will work with the buttocks. Compress against each other as much as you can. Hold this position for a few seconds and increase the time. The suggestion is to repeat the movement 10 times. But, like the other exercises, as you gain practice, it will increase not only the time of contractions, but also the number of repetitions.
  7. Dedicate yourself! Like any physical activity, intimate gymnastics needs periodicity to deliver results. Try to do it every day or at least 3 times a week. The truth is that, as you learn the exercises, you will realize that there is always a little time during the day to practice them.
  8. As for the time of practice until you feel the effects of pompoirism, it is necessary to say that the situation varies from woman to woman. Several report feeling differences already in the first week. Others need a longer term. The point is that it is worth the investment, because the benefits will appear!
  9. Do not stop! Have you noticed improvements in health and sex? Nothing to think you have already reached the goal. Remember: pompoirism works like any other physical activity . Therefore, maintaining the exercises is essential to ensure that the effects continue to be perceived. Getting better, without a doubt.

Accessories for pompoarism

The accessories are indicated for women who have already developed a certain familiarity with pompoirism. Thus, the musculature will be previously strengthened, in addition to the knowledge of the body having reached a new level.

Among the most famous and recommended accessories are:

Ben wa, also called Thai balls

They are balls of approximately 5 centimeters, usually made of silicone, connected by a string of the same material.

The exercise performed with them is quite simple: just insert one of the balls into the vagina and, with the strength of the muscles, “suck” the others. Then, again only with contraction and relaxation movements, they must be expelled.

Especially for those who are starting, achieving success with the suction of the balls can be a difficult task. However, as the movement principle will be well directed – promoting a valid exercise – the attempt already counts enough.

Vaginal cones

They are also introduced into the vagina, just like ben wa. However, the exercise with them does not aim to expel them, but rather, to hold them, keeping the vagina contracted, for at least 10 seconds.

The cones have variable weights – between 20 to 100 grams – and, due to this load (which is being adapted, according to the strengthening of the musculature), they end up potentiating the results of pompoarism.

Usually, they are sold together, which allows the woman to start with the smaller weights and try the others, as she progresses in practice.

Did you like the tips? If you have any questions or would like to know more about another technique, register your suggestion in the comments!


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